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Oh man even the thought of writing this blog post gives me a bit of a headache, let alone actually finding out all of the facts and figures that go along with it. But the thing is, taxes (and stuff) are important, whether we like it or not. So, here’s a sporadic blog post all about it – damn I hope it makes sense.Now obviously I’m not any form of accountant – or even any form of clued up person when it comes to the business side of blogging – but I’ve done some research and I’ve gone through it all myself, so I like to think I know a thing or two when it comes to dealing with the British tax man. It’s not as tricky as it all sounds, honestly, it’s just a lot of really annoying (but easy!) things you have to do in order to stay, well, legal. Because let’s face it, no one likes getting a big bill at the end of the year, do they? Cheques, maybe. Bills..not so much. But anyway, let’s get to it!When should you register as self-employed?If you’re even thinking about earning any money from your blog, it’s best to register yourself as self-employed just incase you do start earning a pretty penny. And by pretty penny, I literally do mean a penny. No matter how much you’re earning – whether you live off it or buy a coffee from it – you have to register yourself as a limited company, which basically means you’re both the owner and an employee of your blog. To do this, all you need to do is set up a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system to pay yourself with the earnings from your blog. What comes under blogger earnings?Blogger earnings can be anything from actual monetary gain (from sponsored posts, affiliate earnings, advertising etc.) to even the products you get given as a form of payment (for example, if you get given a pair of shoes to post an article about shoes on your blog). You should also declare any money you receive from selling samples that you’ve been given. So if you receive a dress as a PR sample and decide to sell it on eBay six months later, you’ll need to declare the amount of money you’ve sold it for.Is there a time limit to register as self-employed?There’s no specific time to register yourself as self-employed, but you need to do this ASAP once you start earning – even if you only earn a few pennies. You do however have to make sure you complete you Self Assessment tax return and pay your tax bill on time, else the tax man will come a-knockin.What should you do once you’re registered?Once you’re officially self-employed, the next step will be to fill out a self-assessment tax form, which basically documents the earnings and spendings that come with your blog. The self-assessment tax form is actually really simple to fill out as long as you stay on top of your earnings and expenses throughout year, so be sure to note down any income and keep hold of your receipts to act as proof for anything you want to claim back on. You may also have to pay towards your Class 2 National Insurance Contributions and VAT (but hey, scroll down for more info on that). Do you have to pay taxes as a blogger/internet person?The Standard Personal tax Allowance is £10,600 which is the amount of money you’re allowed to earn without having to pay to pay tax on it. If you’re earning less than that, you shouldn’t have to pay tax (although you do need to combine your blog earnings with any other job you have), but if you’re earning more then you’ll have to pay 20% back on whatever you’re earning on top of the standard rate.When it comes to paying your Class 2 National Insurance Contributions it all, again, depends on how much you earn. If you’re only earning a bit of pocket money every once in a while (less than 5,965 a year, to be precise) you may be able to get a Small Earnings Exception which means you won’t have to pay any National Insurance. If you’re over that threshold however, you’ll have to arrange your NI payments yourself, either through direct debit or by paying the amount in the payment request/invoice that the HMRC will send you.For most bloggers, this won’t apply, but if your turnover is more than £82,000 a year you may have to pay VAT. Like I said, this probably won’t be an issue for a lot of you guys, but just incase it is you can always register for VAT here.How do you register for self assessment?If you’ve already registered yourself as self-employed you’ll already be registered with Self Assessment and National Insurance Contributions. You should receive two letters within ten working days – the first will include your Unique Taxpayer Reference and it’ll confirm that you have a Self Assessment record set up as well. You’ll need to keep hold of this letter since it includes your UTR, so stash it away in a file for a later date. The second letter will include an activation code that will allow you to get online. You need to use that within 28 days otherwise you’ll have to go through the entire thing again. Which we don’t want to do, cause it’s kinda boring, right? Right.How do you declare your income and what are the deadlines?To declare your income all you need to do is fill out a Self Assessment Tax Return by the end of every tax year (which is the 5th April). You can do this either by going online or filling out a physical form, which you can send off by post – although I found it easier (and a lot quicker) to do it on the website. This is the time that you’ll need to get hold of all your bank statements and receipts so that you can add up your blogs earnings over the past year. All you need to do is add up what you’ve earned, and essentially subtract any business expenses that could be exempt from tax. To put it short, you add up the earnings, and minus the expenses. The number you end up with is the number you give to the HMRC.What can you class as business expenses?Business expenses are typically anything that aids your business (or in this instance, your blog) that you have to initially have to pay for. This could be anything from equipment such as laptops and cameras, to travel tickets. Since blogging is still a pretty new business venture, the lines of what is and what isn’t an expense can be pretty blurred, so if you’re uncertain at all it’s best calling the HMRC directly for more information. Same goes with just about anything in this blog post!Oh my lord, I can’t actually believe we survived this blog post – and by we, I mean me. My fingers hurt, everything hurts. But hey, hopefully you guys found at least some of this useful – and if not, don’t forget you can always contact the HMRC with any questions! Those folks know a lot more than little old me..Did this help you guys out at all? Let me know! 


The Dreslyn

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I just recently realized, thanks to a comment on Instagram, why I love these shoes so much even though they look remarkably weird and no, it’s not because it’s the “shoe of the season”. It looks exactly like the pair Minnie Mouse wears or the most standard pair of Barbie shoes of which you kept losing one pair constantly, with a midi heel. So when I wear these it’s not just about comfort and trend, I’m also at the happiest place on earth in my mind. . Ivory silk blazer Vintage (similar here & here) . White button down cami Asos (similar here & here) . Boyfriend jeans Zara (similar here & here) . Grey suede midi heel pumps COS (similar here & here)


  “Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our … Read More
The post Empathy appeared first on Tao of Sophia.


For the past few weeks i’ve been thinking – mostly about how content I am with my life and how lucky I’ve been feeling lately. I mean, how could I not be? I get paid for doing what I love, I live in a nice place (you know, despite my crazy neighbour), I’m surrounded by people – and animals – that I love and – more recently – I’ve seen more of the world than I ever thought a small-town girl like me, ever could. I travelled to Sweden with the guy that I love, experienced an entirely new culture, got the opportunity to shoot in some amazing places and – thanks to Zalando and Göteborg Tourism – barely paid a penny for it (check out my recent Gothenburg Photodiary to hear all about my new love for all things Swedish). Yeah, I’d say life is pretty great right now.So when I think back to all those times that my teachers and parents told me that my school years were the ‘best years of my life’, I can’t help but laugh, as well as feel maybe a little bit sad about the true meaning behind those few words. I mean, I’m no child-expert here, but shouldn’t we be making young’uns excited about their future, not scaring them into thinking that – once they leave school – their lives are about to seriously go down hill?Now I’ll be completely honest with you guys – school for me sucked. It sucked hard. i was bullied, I hated rules (still do) and all in all I just wanted to stay at home and do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it (isn’t that everyone’s dream?!). I get it that some people had a blast at school, but – judging by the people i’ve spoken to in the past – those people are in more of the minority than anything else. Seriously though, how can five straight days of text books, soggy sandwiches and squeaky chalkboards be a part of the ‘best years of my life’? I swear most of my positive memories of education revolved around school dinners. They just did mash potato so well, you know? Of course you know. How could anyone not love blended mash potato.But despite the general lack of decent mash potato in my adult life, I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everything else has only gotten better. They say kids have all the freedom in the world, but as far as I remember I had to ask permission to do just about anything up until the age of fifteen (when I became a rebellious devil child..sorry Mum and Dad). If I wanted to go out with my friends I had to make sure I was home at a certain time. If I wanted to see the latest Pokemon film (which obv I did) I had to ‘borrow’ a few quid off of my folks and ask them for a lift into town because – oddly enough – a ten year old isn’t allowed to drive. Weird.Now? Well now I have more freedom than ever as far as I’m concerned. Sure, there are bills to pay, and there are extra worries and stresses that I’d like to do without sometimes, but in my opinion the good things outweigh those woes without a shadow of a doubt. Around two years ago I quit my job on a whim to do, well, this! Could I have done the same back in Primary school? You know, just wake up one day, decide I want to be a professional Playstation player and never go to another maths class ever again. Hell, I couldn’t even fake a sick day without teachers questioning me the next day. Sometimes a girl just wants to take a break from algebra and Pythagoras’ theorem (which, by the way, I am still yet to use since leaving secondary school).Now I have the ability to turn my life into whatever I want it to be. Of course there are more pressures in adult life, but that’s what makes it interesting. If I didn’t have bills to pay, I wouldn’t need to work so hard at achieving my goals. I wouldn’t enjoy the rare time off that I have, because my entire life would be just one big holiday. And hey, if I decide I want to change my ‘dream’ into something completely different, I have complete control of doing that too. I no longer have to rely on anyone for money, permission or stability, which means I get to fully enjoy the company and relationships with these people. I never have to ask anyone, to have them turn around and say no to me, and because of that I never hold any teenage grudges like I used to. It’s all down to me. And if there was ever a word of encouragement it’s that: you can do whatever the hell you want. Forget ’embracing the now’. Fuck the now! Enjoy every day you have but never settle for anything less than you deserve. And let’s face it, you probably deserve a lot more than those maths classes and soggy sandwiches.ONLY Westa Denim Jacket from Ark *ASOS two-toned shirtTopshop ripped denim shorts ASOS pointed patent pumps *Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses  [Our trip to Sweden was kindly sponsored by Zalando and Goteborg Tourism!]


Sometimes we all find some brands that represent our aesthetic so much that we are thinking maybe someone stole all the designs we had in our minds. Style Stalker is one of these brands that every time their new items … Continue reading →
The post SHOPPING LIST | STYLE STALKER appeared first on Style Limelight.


Details: Simple Cat Eye Sunglasses c/o Plastictail | 7-Day Satchel c/o LORENA | High Waist Belted Ankle Pants c/o Persunmall | Acro Goal Achiever | Adidas Superstars | Finally found a pair of trousers that I am happy with. High waist trousers are …


Just a quickie tonight before I head off to bed / watch Youtube and complain about how tired I am until I fall asleep at around 4am. Some of you that follow me on Instagram will know this already, but it was…


Buy the AW15 Collection via TOPSHOP HERE   I am absolutely smitten by these garments I picked from Topshop AW15 Collection. I think I am the biggest fun of two things currently… Bucket bags and grey wool coats. Topshop just … Continue reading →
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AltewaiSaome is no stranger to TFM, I’ve featured them 3 times before and first one was back in 2011 when it was just an emerging brand with futuristic designs that were somehow appealing to me, and boy have times changed for good, not only for them but for my taste as well. This is by far their most laid back, clean and fluid collection with no unnecessary adornment or shape play, an error most minimalist designers fall into to have an edge, but rather shining out with whimsical little rope details complementing the designs. Kudos to the best collection of Stockholm Fashion Week Spring 2016. source:

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Short shorts have been trending during summers since several years now and they have made a comeback yet again this year. With celebs such as Taylor Swift flaunting this style ravishingly, it is no surprise that this trend is still quite in vogue. Denim cutoffs, wrap shorts, those with fun-time prints – there are a […]


Carine Roitfeld said, “We are very lucky to be women, so even if we’re wearing trousers, I always wear them with some lace underwear or a very feminine bra – I like that”. These days however, the cheeky lace bra doesn’t stay in the background, no. You will see it peeking through a sheer blouse, a loose tank top, or a […]


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NEW YORK – With one foot in New York City and the other in Carmel, California, both coasts are considered home to me. After moving to the east coast for school, I found my self-identity was somewhere in between New York hustler and laid-back Cali girl. So I started jumping back and forth between the […]


CHENNAI – Originally I’m French but I’ve been living in Chennai, India since December 2011. I founded Surface85 as an online resource dedicated to inspire and empower the modern Indian woman. But it’s actually reaching women from all around the world, which is great. India is a vibrant country with a very young, but inspiring […]


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As almost any other fashionista, we are crazy for jewelry. We enjoyed the minimal jewelry trend of the last few seasons, but we also love to see more heavy pieces this season. We came across the jewelry brand UNO de 50 USA on instagram the other day and just received the press release from this brand talking […]


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