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5 Steps to style the perfect outfit In this editorial: Jeans (Loewe); Handbag & Loafers (Bally) – Farfetch | Knitted top – Isabel Marant | Earrings – Closer by Wwake If elevators, telephones, and my daily dress code have something in common, it’s that laziness was the single greatest motivator that brought all three into existence. The former two were clearly concocted in an attempt to eliminate on-foot travel, vertically and horizontally. As for the latter, yours truly, happy to claim the title of ‘Laziest of Them All’, would run out the door in mismatched socks if it meant a little less time spent rummaging in the depth of my wardrobe. Indeed, no small portion of the looks as seen here were probably due to morning styling sessions given up on half-way through. Getting dressed, you would think, is something that the collective efforts human civilization could have algebraically reduced to some catchy formula by now. But alas, no. I so get you: the first world struggle is real. When you next find yourself close to tears, pile of rejected wardrobe choices at your feet, consider these following 5 steps. 1 Start with one piece Every look needs a starting […]
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The last thing I needed during a “we moved, we traveled so now we have to save a little” period was a fashion week that pushed me further and further to shopping with its street style scene but I guess we all knew it was coming. Even my husband knew it was coming. When it’s fashion week he just lets me be, possibly praying I’ll just stare and not try to buy every single thing on every single gorgeous woman. So far the damage is manageable but we have 3 more weeks so who knows what other piece I’ll attack next. More sock boots (more being the operative word here)? Printed long dresses? Polka dots? Balenciaga pointed toes or Celine toe cap sandals? A friend that I can twin with? Thank god I already have a fanny pack and biker shorts… The list goes on and on, so do the photos of best street style looks from NYFW and here they are, all 90 of them. image sources: the impression, the cut,,, fashionista …


Ever since a hairdresser burnt off my hair 2 years ago, I’ve become paranoid about my haircare. I have a quite extensive beauty routine and lots of products which I apply in the hope they will help my hair recover faster. Right now I got to a selection of items which I gladly use every week, keep reading!  Before you continue reading my list, I want to start by saying that none of the mentioned brands are paying me to recommend their products. Some items I bought myself, some were gifted. Truth is, from the dozens of products I’ve tried in the last 2 years, these are the ones that made the final cut to my ‘favorite list’ because they are GOOD. However, please do keep in mind that every hair type is different, so what might work for me, doesn’t have to work for you. If you have damaged bleached hair, this might be a good blog for you :)  1. UV protective dry oil finishing spray by Bumble and Bumble This is a spray that I use in the summer. As I mentioned in this blog about better summer hair, your hair needs just as much of UV […]
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I was checking out the spring 2017 “Ready-to-Wear” collection at Vogue this morning and I went crazy for their new collection. I’m such a sucker…
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Ich habe schon des Öfteren anmerken lassen, dass ich ein absoluter Sommermensch bin und es von mir aus auch im Winter immer über 20 Grad haben könnte. Da das Leben aber bekanntlich (wieder Mal) kein Wunschkonzert ist (wieder Mal eine Frechheit), muss ich mich eben auf die frostigeren Temperaturen einstellen und meine Garderobe mit einigen… Continue reading →
Der Beitrag Gingham skirt and trumpet sleeves hoodie erschien zuerst auf worry about it later.


It’s been a while since I wrote something.. That’s because I’m undergoing some radical changes in my life. One of those changes is something which I would never ever expect myself doing. And above all, I really hate going with the hype. Hypes are most of the time blown up, as if it’s some kind of faith that you totally have to follow because bla bla bla. But this is different. So, here it is, the most radical change in my life so far: I’m going vegan.   Yup. I know. Don’t stop reading. Let me explain. What The Health A couple of years ago I already stopped eating red meat. I don’t really like it that much, plus I read that it’s not that good for your heart etc etc. I really like chicken though, I was a chicketarian (does that word even exist?). But a couple of weeks ago, I watched this documentary:  What The Health? (I highly recommend watching it) and I was shook. I instantly wanted to stop eating all meat and animal products (like eggs), and consuming dairy products. This might surprise you; but the main reason isn’t because I think the meat industry is terrible, it is though, but […]
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Ok ok – ich hab zwar versprochen, dass es bald schon wieder einen Mini-Rock Look gibt, aber dass es so schnell geht, hatte ich ehrlich gesagt auch nicht geplant ;-) Aber nachdem ich heute schon mit Stiefeln und warmem Schal (ja, mein Körper übertreibt gerne, wenn es um Kälte geht) im Büro sitze, müssen die… Continue reading →
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 Being in the Provence makes me have nostalgic feelings all the time. I used to spend every summer in the South of France as…
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Ob wir es uns eingestehen wollen oder nicht – aber der Herbst ist da! Vielen haben zwar die tropischen Temperaturen zu schaffen gemacht, die wir dieses Jahr teilweise ja auch in der Nacht hatten und ich freue mich dann natürlich auch mal wieder über ein wenig Abkühlung. Aber für mich könnte es noch Monate mit… Continue reading →
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Florence Travel Story Jiawa wears: Hunting World NYC 2 Way Draw String & Mini Duffle Bags; Kurt wears: Hunting World NYC Carry All Bag, all from I wonder if the secret to Florence’s enduring beauty, its undisturbed Renaissance architecture, and its tiny cobbled streets that so far escaped the threat of urbanisation, owes partly to the fact that, apart from a particular week twice a year, it’s often overlooked as an Italian destination. But that one week, how everything changes. The showings, the parties, and the throngs of competitively well dressed men that overflow the terraces of Caffé Gilli, where cocktails and candy are served side by side. That it was Pitti Uomo once again (or simply ‘Pitti’, as affectionately know by the regular crowd) is obvious from the diminishing taxi availability and even more than usual sightings of coats worn as capes in the vicinity of Santa Maria Novella station. You may be forgiven for assuming that Pitti is a men’s street style event, rather than a men’s fashion industry trade show. It certainly does seem to the outsider that more people have come all over the world for the former rather than the latter. While all this will make a fascinating […]
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Now that the 90’s trend is going on everywhere this year, logo tees is what you will see on most blogs and instagram accounts right now. Starting from the catwalk, it’s hands down what you need in your closet this spring ! Easy to wear and they add that sporty vibe to every outfit, under floaty dresses, […]


Who would have thought that the famous sweatshirt from Champion, which was founded in 1919, had its peak in the 90’ies and would have a comeback now again? The champion sweatshirt has been spotted on several celebrities, bloggers and influencers all around the world. The champion sweatshirts are worn by school and college sportteams, college […]

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BREST – I am and will always be a seaside kind of girl. I love listening to the sound of the waves, I love blues, days by the sea and evenings on the beach, I love how calming the ocean is and how fresh the air feels over there. That’s what made me go to […]


TEL AVIV – With one foot in Paris, the city of light and fashion, and the other in Tel Aviv, both being home for me, I’ve been influenced through different visions of the same culture. After graduating from Law school in Paris, I found myself in the urge of traveling and found my self-identity being […]

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Nobody wants to look and feel anything less than confident as they age. Some people are lucky enough to naturally look better than others, although they do have good healthy eating regimens often and a beauty care routine that you just don’t know about. Still other people look like they’ve been ravaged by time as […]


The sneaker shoes persistently rank first in our foot wear list since they serve different functions. It has got numerous faces as athletic shoes, dance shoes and casual shoes irrespective of the sex. Men, women and kids can get a massive collection of sneakers at SSENSE, and each type has its remarkable attributes that will […]