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Details: Shein Lantern Sleeve Blouse | Shein Straw Tote | Saksoff5th Ninewest Zianne Point Toe Mules


Details: Shein Lantern Sleeve Blouse | Shein Straw Tote | Saksoff5th Ninewest Zianne Point Toe Mules


Hope everyone’s week is going well! I am actually writing from Orlando, since I am attending #BlogHer17 for the first time. Is anyone else down here? The first night of the conference was tonight and I can already see it’s going to be a blast. I am so glad I decided to come! I teased you with this look on Instagram a couple of days ago, but I won’t do it any longer, haha. Enjoy the look and Friday tomorrow 🙂 SHOP THE POST! Photos: Mistique Drake Photography
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Those of you that follow me on Instagram may already know (because it’s all I talk about lately) that I’m moving to a new, bigger and brighter house next week which means only one thing in my universe: endless furniture shopping. I’ve spent so much time online looking for the “perfect” everything, trying to find the best version of an interior concept I have in my mind for the best possible price. Vintage is usually a good option but for some things (especially big furniture) you just want to have something brand new – with a vintage look – and that’s when I dove into the world of Rove Concepts, an exceptional Canadian destination where one can find handcrafted impeccable mid-century and modern-European furniture and home accents. They are selling designs you either can’t find anywhere else or for prices that are unbeatable. Seriously, I heard about them before but my world has changed after I discovered what they’ve been all about. With their 3 exclusive brand collections (RoveClassics where they recreate iconic pieces [my …


Anyone here a fan of the stories? By “stories” I mean, soap operas, such as The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Growing up, I was a fan of multiple; I’m talking around since age 9 haha. I’ve watched Passions (still my fave), Y&R, B&B, Days of Our Lives and As the World Turns. For this particular post, I was inspired by The Bold and the Beautiful and one of its characters, Sally Spectra. Though she may be the quirkiest on the show, that’s what I love about her, that and her unique sense of fashion. I literally look forward to what she’s wearing every time I watch! One episode, she had this gorgeously weird, chunky, geometrically shaped statement necklace that I knew I had to have. God must have known I needed it too because the moment I laid eyes on it in the store, I wasn’t even looking for it; it was just there. I squealed in excitement when I spotted it in the jewelry section in H&M! I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Hopefully I made Sally proud 🙂 FYI, I know it’s probably a bit much with the large, black hoop earrings, but in case you haven’t noticed already, “too much” is right up my […]
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Summer in the city, big time! The weather has been insanely good in Amsterdam. I LOVE hot weather, it feels so comfortable to my body and mind. What is your favorite weather? I was wearing […]
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Es ist noch nicht allzu lange her, da war ich mit Leonie und Manuel in Berlin bei den Pressdays und uns wurden allerhand Neuheiten präsentiert, die in den kommenden Wochen und Monaten erhältlich sein werden. Sowas ist natürlich immer wahnsinnig spannend und eine unglaubliche Inspiration. Unter anderem haben wir auch diese hübschen Adidas Iniki Sneakers… Continue reading →
Der Beitrag adidas iniki runner white pearl erschien zuerst auf worry about it later.


  I’m slowly doing more, step by step. I never knew recovering for knee/leg/foot problems is so time-consuming. I’m kinda losing my patience, but I got a solution for that: just start doing more stuff! […]
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I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day…whether it was spending time with your significant other, father, father figure or just alone time with yourself. I realize it may be a sad day for various reasons, but I hope it brings you comfort in knowing that you are always loved and cared for by your heavenly Father 🙂 I found these shorts in Forever 21, in store (I know, right?!) and because I love colored denim, getting them was a no-brainer. Whenever I find shorts like these that aren’t crazy short, I try to get them. It’s super hard for tall, curvy girls like me to find a decent pair of shorts these days that aren’t just downright classless. Now I’ll admit, I still wear my classless shorts lol, but most of the time, I like wearing things that are more family appropriate, shorts I would wear in front of my grandparents. Okay, these are probably still too short, but I honestly can’t think of anybody’s grandparents who don’t believe shorts should come all the way to your knees. I’ve just come to the realization that it’s an unrealistic expectation to think otherwise 🙂 SHOP THE POST! Watch: c/o MNMLST The Nottingham […]
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When I was writing about intuition in the post about my accident, I secretly considered the possibility of having manifested the accident that night myself by having a certain (negative) mindset. I didn’t have an […]
The post My Bike Accident: Predicted by Intuition or Manifested by a Mindset appeared first on Tao of Sophia.

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Now that the 90’s trend is going on everywhere this year, logo tees is what you will see on most blogs and instagram accounts right now. Starting from the catwalk, it’s hands down what you need in your closet this spring ! Easy to wear and they add that sporty vibe to every outfit, under floaty dresses, […]


Who would have thought that the famous sweatshirt from Champion, which was founded in 1919, had its peak in the 90’ies and would have a comeback now again? The champion sweatshirt has been spotted on several celebrities, bloggers and influencers all around the world. The champion sweatshirts are worn by school and college sportteams, college […]

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BREST – I am and will always be a seaside kind of girl. I love listening to the sound of the waves, I love blues, days by the sea and evenings on the beach, I love how calming the ocean is and how fresh the air feels over there. That’s what made me go to […]


TEL AVIV – With one foot in Paris, the city of light and fashion, and the other in Tel Aviv, both being home for me, I’ve been influenced through different visions of the same culture. After graduating from Law school in Paris, I found myself in the urge of traveling and found my self-identity being […]

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Who doesn’t have those months that your salary seems to fly away? But we consider shopping as a serious therapy for our minds. It’s an essential activity, we simply need to do some shopping. Always and always. So what to do when we’re tight on money? We do budget shopping! We will give you the […]


Achieving the same level of hair care at home as can be bought in a salon is now possible for those willing to spend the money. Even when one factors in the cost of premium-priced products, the savings compared to visiting a salon itself are considerable. Below are some top tips from fashion experts for […]