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Shein Blouse


Instagram Stories hat sich zu einem Tool entwickelt, das nicht nur ich, sondern zahlreiche meiner Blogger Kollegen und auch Freunde beinahe täglich verwenden. Noch nie war es einfacher, gerade erlebts zu zeigen oder einen kurzen „Schwank aus seinem Leben“ zu erzählen. Für mich ist das Persönliche dabei besonders charmant. Denn ich poste viel eher Bilder… Continue reading →
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I know I’ve been neglecting the blog to a point where social services may take it away from me until I prove I can still be a good and responsible parent to it; I apologize to anyone who actually cares about it. BUT, even with all the moving/vacation craze, I wouldn’t (couldn’t) miss Copenhagen Fashion Week: my favorite of all non-major fashion weeks. The street style is as unique as the runway itself, crazy vibrant and always inspiring; makes you want to wear color over color. Even worse, makes you want to look forward to Autumn! image sources: vogue, harper’s bazaar, the cut, sandra semburg, fashionista Save


I’m not addicted to bags, not to sunglasses, not necessarily to shoes (okay just a little). I’m obsessed with coats and jackets. I style…
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Was ist das erste das euch einfällt, wenn ihr an Vorarlberg denkt? Bei mir ist es: „Landleben“, „Dialekt den ich nicht unbedingt verstehe“, „Vo Mello bis ge Schoppornou bean I gloufo, d’Füaß himmor weh tau“ und sonst …sonst sind da nicht sehr viele Assoziationen. Eine große Lücke und die sollte zumindest zu einem Teil geschlossen… Continue reading →
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I always pass this cute little village Muiden when I drive my scooter from Amsterdam to my parents. It’s my favorite few minutes of…
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Grundsätzlich ist mein Körper eigentlich sehr pflegeleicht, nur quält er mich seit etwa zwei Jahren mit leichten Lebensmittelintoleranzen. Ich weiß mittlerweile recht gut was ich vertrage und was nicht und von was ich am besten komplett die Finger lassen soll. Auch wenn ich sehr gut weiß was mir nicht gut tut, will ich trotzdem auf… Continue reading →
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How to get around in Paris (and how not to) In this editorial: ‘Bank’ Bag by X Nihilo; Silk V Neck Top by Conflict of Ego; Step Hem Jeans by Grlfrnd Denim; Velvet Pumps by Dolce & Gabanna (similar) According to the Theory of Relativity, the faster one travels through space, the faster one travels in time. Go figure. But when it comes to how to get around in Paris and its cockleshell-shaped arrondisments, speed is not the question here. Rather, it is how best to travel without missing a thing. For, in Paris, those tucked away restaurants only the locals know, backstreet vintage shops that don’t find their way into city guides, and the most photogenic views, are not marked by colour-coded signposts. 1 On Foot Where the sights, sounds and sensations of each street and corner seduce you away from the Google Maps route, 30 minutes on foot in Paris is 5 minutes in London or New York. Indeed, the most beautiful things to experience are the smallest and simplest that the senses need to take time to savour: the scent of fresh baguettes permeating every street, the uniqueness of each ancient cobble stone, and the changing light, […]
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I was sort of settling down in Bali those months before my bike accident. I worked on my home’s interior, bought a retro Honda…
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In den letzten Tagen war es ziemlich ruhig bei mir – nicht nur auf dem Blog, sondern auch auf sämtlichen Social Media Kanälen. Und das ganz bewusst. Ich war für fünf Tage mit Freunden in Italien und ein richtiger Urlaub, in dem man einfach nichts macht, außer sich zu entspannen, war für uns alle bitter… Continue reading →
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Now that the 90’s trend is going on everywhere this year, logo tees is what you will see on most blogs and instagram accounts right now. Starting from the catwalk, it’s hands down what you need in your closet this spring ! Easy to wear and they add that sporty vibe to every outfit, under floaty dresses, […]


Who would have thought that the famous sweatshirt from Champion, which was founded in 1919, had its peak in the 90’ies and would have a comeback now again? The champion sweatshirt has been spotted on several celebrities, bloggers and influencers all around the world. The champion sweatshirts are worn by school and college sportteams, college […]

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BREST – I am and will always be a seaside kind of girl. I love listening to the sound of the waves, I love blues, days by the sea and evenings on the beach, I love how calming the ocean is and how fresh the air feels over there. That’s what made me go to […]


TEL AVIV – With one foot in Paris, the city of light and fashion, and the other in Tel Aviv, both being home for me, I’ve been influenced through different visions of the same culture. After graduating from Law school in Paris, I found myself in the urge of traveling and found my self-identity being […]

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The sneaker shoes persistently rank first in our foot wear list since they serve different functions. It has got numerous faces as athletic shoes, dance shoes and casual shoes irrespective of the sex. Men, women and kids can get a massive collection of sneakers at SSENSE, and each type has its remarkable attributes that will […]


Wedding attire is a prominent aspect of the wedding event. People tend to notice every little detail about what adorns a bride, and often there is a plethora of visual memorabilia from a wedding day. That is why it is important every aspect of wedding attire be as close to perfect as possible. This includes […]