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New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter – femininity, feminism, and a brutally beautiful city New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter: the homeostasis of the bumble bee hum of tool-belted makeup artists and the nonchalant, carrot grazing of model gazelles was intermittently cut through by the bitey Brooklyn accent of a zealous female security guard. Such commands as “Step back!” “Let the models through!” and “Get away from mah door!” were barked, unceremoniously, at the throng of photographers who – despite one pointedly reminding all that he had not one, but two, Vogue accreditations – had been waiting peevishly for the best of an hour for their call to shoot ‘first looks’ at TOME NYC. But this was, as it turned out, only the white noise prelude to the veritable warzone that then ensued, as front of house was finally opened, and we found ourselves caught in the crossfire of cameras shuttering, lights flashing, and vying voices which had finally lost all their cool. TOME’s Fall 2017 collection, unabashed in its activism, challenged the sartorial language of femininity. This was expressed through men’s cuts with detailing that implied the naked female figure, tailored contouring that refused to be fully fitted, and […]
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Despite being the least favorite fashion week of many – and therefore the one that’s taken the least seriously by fashion industry – London Fashion Week always manages to deliver with the street style thanks to big European guns like Camille Charriere, Lucy Williams, Pandora Sykes, Hedvig Opshaug and so on. It was a breath of fresh (and hot) air after frigid NYC and a subtle and quotidian transition to Milan and color/print extravaganza, with so many seasonal and next-seasonal inspirational looks. Here are my 75 favorite street style looks from LFW… image sources: the impression, the cut, style du monde, collage vintage,,, harper’s bazaar, fashionista, wwd Save Save Save


Meine absolut liebste Landesküche wird für immer und ewig die italienische sein – Pizza, Pasta und Gelato, das ist einfach genau meins! Der Spruch „Everything you see I owe to Spaghetti“ von Sophia Loren könnte genauso gut von mir sein, denn Pasta gibt’s bei mir fast jeden Tag zu Mittag…seit eigentlich schon immer. Pasta auswärts… Continue reading →
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Whilst sitting in front of the TV with my family, my mom complains about the amount of programs and documentaries she still has to watch. She explains that she doesn’t
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Fashion weeks usually make me really happy, despite all the “circus” leading up to fights between bloggers and editors (that I find really, really lame of editors btw), I look forward to fresh inspiration from runways and streets. However this time New York Fashion Week kind of made me sad when I saw all these amazing women looking just as fine even during horrible winter conditions, something which I always claim is the reason why I look like crap in winter. Apparently it’s not winter, it’s me. Here’s hoping these 100 best looks from NYFW starring Ramya Giangola and Jan Michael Quammie will light a fire in me. image sources: the impression, the cut, harper’s bazaar, refinery29, fashionista, vogue fr, vogue es, style du monde, wwd Save Save Save Save


“Truly powerful woman don’t explain why they want respect. They simply don’t engage those who don’t give it to them” Zara patent leather pants Bijenkorf oversized suede coat ASOS knitted
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If you’re following me on Instagram you probably already know that lately I’m obsessed – OBSESSED – with earrings. I had both my ears multiple-pierced for the first time since high school and suddenly everything was about statement earrings: a line of hoops, single ear metals, fringes and so on. I guess I’m somewhat lucky that I was always into jewelry, even when I wasn’t wearing any, that I bought some great statement pieces in the past like Anissa Kermiche Les Paniers Dorés or these fan earrings I bought from an Etsy shop almost 6 years ago. Of course that didn’t stop me from expanding the collection, I’m literally buying a new earring every 2-3 days. Join me, won’t you? image sources: all blues, mr larkin, w magazine, always judging, modern weaving, anna quan, last night, pinterest Save Save

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This year brought many trends back in our closets, including the ever-so 90s piece: the fishnet stockings. It was, and still is, a major comeback this year. And we love it! We’ve seen it on many celebrities, stylists and some of the most popular bloggers. The fishnet trend has quite a modern chic feeling to […]


The sneaker trend has been with us for years. This comfy look one has been paired with just about any outfit possible. It adds that little extra or breaks an outfit a bit. It makes a chic outfit less luxe, an adorable outfit less cute, a minimal look more interesting. And the best thing is you’re […]

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TEL AVIV – With one foot in Paris, the city of light and fashion, and the other in Tel Aviv, both being home for me, I’ve been influenced through different visions of the same culture. After graduating from Law school in Paris, I found myself in the urge of traveling and found my self-identity being […]


ALESUND – Who would have thought that I would end up in Norway? My name is Monika and I was born in Poland, lived in England for nine years of my life, followed by Paris. Now I find myself in Alesund, and there is no place I would rather be. It inspires me so much. […]

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As a fashion lover, everything must be trendy in your life, aren’t we right? It’s not just about clothing and shoes. Even your headphones, iPhone case and journal must be stylish. We are obsessed with making everything around us as pretty as possible. Music and fashion pair off perfectly. The famous music festival Coachella is […]


Thanks to the wonders of technology, you no longer have to conduct a date face-to-face. If you can’t make it in person, perhaps because you are living on different continents, or your other half is away on business, having a video date is the next best thing. You can see each other, flirt and chat […]


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