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10 Benefits of Going Wireless This Spring

By the spring equinox, most people have long since forgotten about their New Year’s Resolutions.  If you want to get fit this year, though, spring is the perfect time. That phone charger backpack you got as a holiday gift can help you work toward your goal.  Until recently, the need to charge smartphones kept many fitness wannabes away from the great indoors.  Now that you can charge your phone wirelessly, nothing is standing between you and a springtime of healthful outdoor recreation.

Wireless Chargers Are Great for More Than Just Fitness

Access to outdoor fitness activities is just one of the many benefits of going wireless.  Here are ten reasons that wireless chargers are a boon to you and to the world around you:

  1. You can take your TYLT wireless charger with you on long walks in the wilderness.  During these walks, you can use your smartphone to photograph wildlife.
  2. You can save on your electricity bill by spending less time at home using electrical appliances.  Instead, you can enjoy the outdoors.
  3. You can charge your friends’ phones even when an electrical outlet is nowhere in sight.  Could there be a faster route to popularity?
  4. Birdwatching apps are useless if you can only use them when your phone is near an electrical outlet.  Charge your phone wirelessly and compete with your birdwatching buddies in real-time.
  5. You can get through 18 holes of golf without worrying about your phone losing charge.
  6. If you have a job as a caddy, you will win instant popularity charging the golfers’ phones.
  7. Wireless phone chargers are good for the environment.
  8. It’s harder to get lost in the wilderness when your phone, with its GPS, is still charged.
  9. Your kids can’t give you the excuse that they didn’t text you because their phones were out of charge.
  10. You can brag about your wireless phone charger on social media.

Being able to charge your phone wirelessly will change your life for the better.