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10 Items That You Should Splurge On

Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, once said that luxury is anything that feels special and does not have to be expensive. However, she was referring to moments with loved ones. Good, timeless items come with a certain price tag due to craftsmanship, materials and sometimes R&D costs. We bring you a list of essential items that are worth the extra dollar divided into three categories: clothes, accessories, and lifestyle.


You might be thinking about that little black dress, but we have something simpler in mind.

  • Excellent Jeans $200-500

Most likely you have a closet full of jeans, but we are talking about that one pair that not only clothes you, but gives you a confidence boost and a perfect fit. A classic line, either a straight leg or boot-cut, dark wash and no embezzlement. For a price-tag of about $250 you can expect to wear these a few years to a date, an interview or meeting your in-laws. Of course, just going to classes or your job in style is good enough reason to own them. Avoid the temptation to use this statement piece classification for any new pair you get. 

  • Leather Jacket $50-$400

Get some bad-boy rock spirit or some real Americana flavor in your wardrobe. If you care about animals’ welfare, go for the artificial leather option, but if you want the real deal, aviator jacket, be sure to have some more cash put aside since these tend to get pricey. Think about your style when choosing one. If you are more casual and sporty, get a bomber. For an edgy look, the best option is a motor jacket, while a more delicate person would love a blazer cut. 

  • A well-fitting bra $25-75

This is a back to the basics situation. Lingerie means comfort and structure. Getting the undergarments right will make your clothes look good. There is an art to fitting your bra, and you should visit a store that offers this service from a trained professional. An ill-fitting bra means back pain, neck pain, red marks on your skin and even the impression of fat bulging out of your clothes. Since this is usually a structural garment with metal and sometimes even silicone additions for an enhanced look, it comes at a price.


These three things are essentials, they contribute to your well-being and leaving a good first impression.

  • Running shoes $75-250

There is no one size fits all and a universal best running shoe. It all depends on your weight, fitness level, type of running (sprint vs. jogging vs. marathon training) and other preferences. It’s not about the brand, but about the technical features that help you protect your joints, reduce impact and minimize the chances of injuring your spine. A good pair of shoes can mean the difference between turning physical activity into a daily hobby, reaching your goals or ending up in ER. A great selection from which you can pick your favorite here.  

  • Foundation $30-70

Even if you like an all-natural look and don’t vote for heavy makeup, this is like a great lingerie set. The most important features are hydration and sun-protection. Of course, you can add more to the list like mattifying, oil-free, acne-friendly or even rejuvenation. Elle Magazine made a list of great products for this autumn.

  • Perfume $100-200

Think of perfume as your invisible signature. Smells can trigger emotions, memories and influence the way we are perceived by others. It’s wise to find your favorite scent and use it constantly, so that people associate that smell with you unconsciously. Hopefully, you will not choose the same perfume as your bosses’ ex-wife. Here is a fresh list from Vogue to give you a bit of inspiration.


Spending big on lifestyle items is a declaration of love to yourself. Starting and ending the day in a great way makes you happier, more productive and in a better mood when interacting with others.

  • Mattress $1000-2000

Ok, now it really gets expensive, but your sleep quality deserves every cent, and you spend about a third of your life here. After switching from a regular mattress to a full triple-foam intelligent one, the only thought was “How did I survive without you?” When selecting your bed partner (I am thinking about the mattress here) be sure to check about the return policy and the duration of the warranty period. A decent one is at least 10 years, while the best offer 20 years.

  • Professional photographer $500-4000+

You don’t need to spend on this daily and that is exactly why on those few but important moments it’s better not to be cheap about it. The price range is vast because it includes both shooting hours, editing, prints and so on. When selecting a pro to capture your big moment for eternity think about the fact that you are not paying him for that day. You are paying for his knowledge accumulated in years and for the use of professional equipment which costs thousands of dollars. Since this is a regional service it is best to look for recommendations within your area, you can’t have the best photographer ordered by Amazon prime.

  • Coffee/Tea Brewer $50-300

Small habits keep us sane and bring us joy. In Asia serving tea is an entire ritual and so is coffee in Turkey and the Arab world. Maybe you don’t have the time to follow these, but you can create your own morning rituals with a brewer of your choice. Either a fully automated machine, a sand brewing coffee kit or a unique mug all help you unwind and create the small Zen moment that gets you through the day.

  • Tattoos

Most tattoos tell a story or celebrate a moment in our lives. Just like in the photographer’s case this is a rare event, and you want the best professionals with excellent tools to take care of you. It’s the only way you don’t end up regretting your decision and spending 5-8 times more on removal, which is also painful and leaves scars. Ask around for recommendations, talk to the artist, make them create multiple paid sketches. It is worth spending the extra dollar on a piece of art that will be with you forever.

Though splurging on these items is always fun, don’t get too out of control and find yourself up to your ears in debt. Make sure you are spending your money responsibly. If you do find yourself in more debt than planned, check out one of the many debt relief companies out there to get you back on track.

What are the items you admit that you splurge on and would not have it any other way? Give us a hint or share this with your friends if you agree.