Underrated City

posted 06-19-2013 category COLUMNS

GÖTEBORG – I’ve been living in London to do some model work for a certain period. I had written a column for BATC back then, named “The Difference“. But since I moved back to Sweden, to a small town called Trollhättan near Göteborg, I liked to write another one subjecting my new experiences. Trollhättan is a genuine place with plenty of woods, greens and lakes. It’s a place where you can calm down and enjoy the tranquillity. However, you can take the train to Göteborg if you would like to feel the big city life, and be around people who care about their look and appearance.

Since I work as a model, I’ve been in some of the world’s biggest fashion cities like London and Paris, but I must say that none of these have got people who are as fashion-minded as they are in Göteborg. I think it’s a pretty underrated city that needs more attention. I love noticing persons walking down the street with a strong confident and stylish clothes that really reflects their personality. And I can guarantee that you are going to see a bunch of those people if you visit this beautiful city and seaport. And there isn’t a requirement to focus on and follow trends, because the people in Göteborg creates their own personal style. I create my own personal style, but of course I do have sources of inspiration. For an example, I get a lot of inspiration from classy brands like Filippa K and Calvin Klein, and of course Saint Laurent and Isabel Marant. Still, I get most of my inspiration from Margaux Lönnberg and Erin Wasson, since they are a bit more like a beautiful mess with denim cut-offs, leather jackets, loose t-shirts, boy’s boots and not using any make-up. The iconic style of the “West Coast skateboarding community” like in the movie “Lords of Dogtown” appeals to me, even though I love to dress up in some classy clothes sometimes. Aside from the fashion in Göteborg, there is a lot of great music and musicians there. The creativity abounds, which I love!

I have four agencies that represent me as a model – Avenue Modeller in Göteborg, Scoop Models in Copenhagen, First Model Management in London and Beatrice Models in Milan. When I started to work as a model, my self-confident has grown better. I now feel beautiful, which I didn’t felt before. To actually add something in the big fashion industry has been a dream for me for ages, and finally I can say that the dream has came true. And I hope the dream continues, because I enjoy it so much and I’ve got so much more to give.

Apart from being a model, I work as a fashion blogger on Rut&Circle’s onlineshop. “Rut&Circle is a trend oriented fashion company based on real stories and made for real people. It’s fashion you afford to love”. Every year, Rut&Circle create and curate six unique collections based on the biggest trends that everyone can afford. I love the concept, and I love being a part of the Circle.

Isabella Lööf – Isabella