With the winter making its appearance, we started to layer our clothes again. And that is where a classic trend reincarnates; wearing blouses underneath tops. These bloggers show you how to use you blouse in layering.

My Sartorial Identity

VANCOUVER – My sartorial identity, like my personal one, is changing, morphing,…

Oversized Grey Coat

Oversized clothing still haunts our hearts which are beating for fashion. We are always in search for the item with the most extreme cut. And so are these fashion bloggers competing with the sizes of their grey coats. Who’s coat wins?

Constantly Evolving

THE HAGUE – I grew up in a tiny town somewhere close…

Lingerie Dress

Did we almost let you think there aren’t any fashion trends going…

The Underdog

HELSINKI – Yes, I’ve chosen that title because it describes my city…

Varnish Boots

Listen up, all nail polish addicted girls. You can now get your old booties out of the back of your closet, and varnish them in its entirety with your favorite polish, because varnished boots are getting trendy among this season. But okay.. let’s not really try that.

New in Town

HAMBURG – Growing up, the town where I come from always felt…

Turtleneck Sweaters

Aren’t we longing for warm and cosy oversized sweaters with the winter coming up? Turtleneck sweaters couldn’t give you a more comfortable feeling. It’s the bigger, the better this season. Taking a good example of the ones of Angelica and Sara.

Dr Martens Boots

The original Dr Martens boots, also known as Docs, are suffering from the chronic-trend disease. I mean, for how long do we see those shoes on the feet of fashionista’s? Kinda comparable to the All Stars sneakers who also don’t seem to take some time for recovery.