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A Brussels Tale

BRUSSELS – I started blogging a year ago at a rather awkward moment of my life: I had just moved to Brussels from my tiny village after a year spent « studying law » (while what I really did was a lot of partying and trying to figure out what path I wanted to embark on). So, there I was. Kind of lost in big Brussels, actually.

As I’m not the most outgoing and social person (hello, computer!), it was hard to adjust to not being around the friends I already had. And that’s how The Fashion Experience was actually born! I wish it was a « cooler » story (or at least a more entertaining one that doesn’t involve me spending most of my nights watching fashion documentaries with a hot cup of tea – even if that’s kind of heaven to me) to the birth of my blog. But that’s actually all there is to it: I wanted and needed an outlet to share my vivid passion for all things fashion.

Fashion has always been a vivid passion of mine. Back when I was a teen, my school wasn’t exactly what you could call « fashion forward ». A lot of the girls going there had a lot of money to go shopping – which wasn’t the case for me – and they were all wearing the same type of clothes (you probably know what I’m talking about: Uggs, fancy handbags,…). Not having the same shopping budget was actually kind of a blessing – style wise – because it thought me to be inventive, playful with clothes and to not worry about not having the last item that every body has.

Which I think is very helpful now, as a blogger. My style is very personal and eclectic, I can’t actually put myself in a box. I have a lot of clothes that are drastically different and I just put on what I want to wear in the morning. That being said, if I had to try to define my style I’d say it’s a definitely more masculine than girly but still with girly accents here and there. And most importantly,

I’d say that it’s constantly evolving. I’m inspired by everything I see/read/hear, all the time. It can sometimes be exhausting but I think it’s a real asset in today’s society to still be able to see beauty in the little things and to be inspired by them on a daily basis.

As for Brussels, I’ve been living there for two years now (almost three) so I’ve definitely acclimated myself to the city life. I’ve made a few new friends that share my interest in fashion, I’ve discovered cool spots to hang and more importantly, got the chance to live my dream for fashion at some of the fashion events that took place in Brussels or Antwerp. Being a city girl and a kind of a travel junkie, I’m definitely going to move somewhere else in the future but Brussels will always be the place where I finally took a step towards (and I’m quoting one big Belgian lady here) the woman I wanted to be.

Margot Thibaut – The Fashion Experience


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