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A Place For Everyone

CAPE TOWN – The city that (almost) never sleeps; I’m from beautiful sunny Cape Town. The city that almost every foreigner flocks to each year to see beautiful beaches, mountains and taste exquisite wines. During summer the temperatures goes as high as 45 degree Celsius making sure you will be beautifully sunkissed when you leave. Our winters aren’t cold, but it can get very windy. Every citizen will find himself blown against a wall once. The wind gets viscious here. Despite its very hot temperatures and wet weather, Capetonians are very friendly relaxed down to earth people who believe that having a jol (party) is always a way to go and a great way to come together as a nation. We are the city with the most diverse cultures and ethnicities and that’s exactly why it’s such a beautiful place. It’s like seeing the entire world in one city. The people is what makes Cape Town a place for everyone.

Cape Town is a very relaxed city and it definitely plays a roll in my style and so does the weather. I’m very simple when it comes to my dressing. I don’t really have a specific style, as it changes with the day or my mood. If I want to wear a suit today, I will. Tomorrow I’ll be in jeans T-shirt and a pair of Haviannas (flip flops – you’re not Capetonian if you don’t own a pair). So, it’s always changing. The main thing about my style is being comfortable. If I’m not comfy in it, I won’t wear it. Comfort is the key and the key brings me confidence.

How did I find myself blogging? Out of pure boredom! Four years ago when my daughter was born, I decided to be a stay at home mom for six months to be with her. Not realizing that when you’re at home while everyone is working that a day drags like there’s no tomorrow. One day I called up my sister and told her we should start a fashion blog showcasing our personal style and we did. With excitement all over and a high interest in fashion – with four girls and a stylish mom fashion was our thing – we couldn’t wait to start off. Unfortunately, she didn’t had as much time for blogging as I had. We decided to part ways and FASHIOLIEZTA was born. Eventually myself going back to work – in the fashion industry as well- and having the blog part time I got fed up of working for others and after two years I said au revoir and FASHIOLIEZTA’s full time journey started. Full time blogging is hard especially in a country like South Africa and then still in the city of Cape Town. It’s still growing. However, I have managed to do it, built great relationships with brands (local and abroad) and it can only get better.

Bloggers are the world of fashion. We rule! Oh, and if you ever find yourself in sunny Cape Town, come and join me for a hike, a beautiful day at the beach and end it off with a beer and a braai (barbeque)!

Liezel Esquire – Fashioliezta

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