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Always Judging

LOS ANGELES – One thing that makes me very happy about LA is the mild temperature and the constant highs and lows in degrees. It’s really the only city where you’ll find exposed legs and sweaters walking next to each other on the same day. The temperature is responsibly to all the versatility LA has to offer when it comes to style. Our wardrobes are full of fall + summer classics all year round. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where switching out your summer closet and breaking out the winter gear that has been in storage all summer, is something we did every October. This is non-existent in LA, we wear everything all year round with the average temperature between 68-74 degrees.

How did I find myself blogging? It’s really very simple. I studied fashion in NYC and then graduated from FIDM. I have been working in the “fashion industry” as we call it, for ten years. I’ve done everything from retail at Saks to running a small boutique on Robertson Blvd. to wholesale to buying. I know you’re thinking how does one dabble in so many avenues in just 10 years? I love working. After years of stalking fashion blogs and columnists, I realized it was time to create my own blog and put my free time into something I could call my own. I’m Always Judging, and I don’t stop, only when it comes to style and fashion of course.

My personal style. Although I have a very minimalistic style, concentrating on one attention-getting piece in each outfit I put together, I don’t have a particular style. I know it sounds very amateur coming from a fashion blogger, but hear me out. There is a time and place for different styles, therefore my style is completely different depending on where I’m going. I don’t want to section myself into one particular category, because I would like to think I’m somewhat relatable to everyone. Blogging comes with a very important duty of not just showing what we wear, but giving our readers something to walk away with, some sort of inspiration for their own wardrobe. Sometimes getting dressed in the morning is the hardest part of our day, and it sets a tone of how the remainder of our day will go. At times we all need a little inspiration from others. Even though I barely have time to, I still look to my favorite bloggers for inspiration.

Bloggers are becoming the new tastemakers and trendsetters. Most of us can’t afford to splurge on a Saint Laurent bag, just because we want to. We will still get that bag, but we are going to save our money for 6 months and not eat out as much. Then we’re going to tell you all about it (how we saved our pennies and stayed in all weekend) on our blogs. That is relatable to most of the world. For that reason bloggers are the new style icons and visionaries. The blog I look to for most of my style inspiration is “They All Hate Us”.

Courtney Trop – Always Judging