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An Ode to Fashionbloggers

EINDHOVEN – When asked to write a column for Blog and the City, I decided to browse through the columns of the bloggers who already wrote theirs. I really enjoyed reading all those great columns, but one thing really grabbed my attention. It seems that a large group of us lives in a place where fashion does not play a significant role in everyday life. We all stumble upon the fact that when you live in a place like this and you do love fashion, people stop and stare and talk behind your back when you wear something what they call “different”. I really loved to read about all those other bloggers who decided to break out their comfort zone and just wore whatever they wanted to wear anyway. I owe you all a big thank you, for those amazing fashionbloggers really inspired me to develop my own personal style and just don’t care what other people might think. All those amazing women (and men!) around the world who just wear whatever they want and don’t even consider the fact that somebody else might not like it. Those ladies are true power-ladies and a big inspiration to me!

After following a bunch of great fashionbloggers for a couple of years, my style evolved into one which was unique and personal for me. I had a great desire to share my love for fashion with other people and hopefully inspire some of them in the meantime. Putting myself out there in the open was a bit scary for me at first, for we all know that girls can be mean and the fashion industry isn’t known as the most friendly work environment on the planet. But just a few days after launching my blog it became clear that I did not have to worry about this at all, for fashionbloggers are the most friendly people you will ever know! They form a large group of women from all over the world who inspire, motivate, compliment and encourage one another! It does not matter if you have a different style or taste in clothing, we all share the same love for fashion! I really think this is the best thing about blogging and I wish we could spread all this positivity outside the blogging community as well. For we have all stand in front of that mirror, doubting if an outfit was great enough to wear to school or to a party. Nervous about what other people might think about it. We judge each other because we are uncertain about ourselves, but at the same time we choose not to wear a great outfit because we are afraid of these judgements of others. It is a weird world out there, but I believe that a great boost of positivity can change a lot! This makes me think of a great quote which I saw a few weeks ago on Instagram: ‘Kindness is free, sprinkle that sh*t everywhere’. I really love this quote and I think it is one we should all live by! Think about it: with your compliment you might boost the self-esteem of a future fashion-icon! It is like an investment in the future! Don’t know how to do this?

Just take a look at the fashionbloggers, they master positivity as great as they do styling!

Annebel van Wijnen – Happiness is an Outfit

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