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Beautiful and Bold: Tips to Give Your Best Impression

First impressions last when it comes to working with someone new. You might think that the primary features that’ll only be looked at are your face and body, but the devil is always in the detail. Every detail from your loose eyelash to over-powdered blush and even your nail polish can reveal how much you aren’t as meticulous as you try to present yourself to be. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to presenting yourself and making sure that you’re presenting your very best.

Look the part
Nothing says ‘you’ more than showing a little bit of professional and stylish creativity. Don’t back away from looking your best on the first day. Don’t be ashamed to look better than the rest; it’s not about a competition with your co-workers, it’s a competition that you have against yourself, to bring the best you that you can be in the workplace. Don’t forget your nails. With press-on nails coming in a wide array of colors and styles you can find the perfect set to match any outfit. Press-on nails from imPRESS Manicure are affordable enough that you can mix it up and change your nails to match your outfit any day of the week.  Dare to be different but professional in the workplace, but never too much to attract unwanted attention. Dress your best and it’ll be sure to boost confidence in yourself in approaching the day.

Act the part
Symmetry can be found in all things. From the formation of a leaf to the pattern of a snow flake, balance is a great presentation of beauty. Never forgot to present yourself in a professional but fun way. Don’t be the strict and uptight newcomer; show yourself to be the confident and open team player. A good first impression is showing that you are capable at what you do but at the same time versatile and flexible in facing any challenge. This will not only show that you have confidence in yourself and what you can do, but it will also boost morale among fellow workers regarding being around you.

Embrace the part
Whether it is your first day on the job or your first appearance in a company meeting, it’s always good to put your best foot forward. Know how to dress appropriately for which meeting or which dinner, which heels to use for formal or casual gala events. Showing that you can still bring out your personality even in the confines of a professional setting shows a lot of what you are about and what you’re willing to bring to the table. But with all things, always learn to keep a balance. It takes someone with talent and confidence to show the best that they can be, but it takes a seasoned veteran to know when too much is too much. And lastly, don’t forget to compliment and recognize those who do the same. A good work environment is a friendly work environment.