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When is The Best Time to Ask Her Hand in Marriage?

Not all proposals end well. Some of them end in a disaster. There are those who get painfully rejected. This is not because there is no love for each other, but because of the timing. By choosing the right time to propose, the response will most likely be positive. We give several tips for our bfs about the right timing today. Just leave this article open on your iPad and hope he will read it. Timing is everything guys!

Be certain of your feelings

Ask yourself first whether you are ready to settle down or not. Make sure that your feelings for her are beyond question. If you are in doubt or you don’t think she is the right one, suspend your plans. Evaluate your decision too and check if you are proposing only because society tells you to do so. If yes, this is not going to end well. You should propose because your feelings for her are sincere and authentic and not just because everyone else tells you it is time to tie the knot.

Think of her too

In a serious relationship, talk of marriage will always be there. She will drop some hints when she feels like she is ready to get married. If she doesn’t show any sign of readiness to settle down or she explicitly says she is not yet ready, don’t propose. You already know the answer. You might be madly in love with her but you can’t expect the feelings to be mutual. Try to respect her decision if she tells you she isn’t ready just yet. Perhaps, she wants to be financially stable or support her family first before settling down.


 You will know when it is right

The truth is that you don’t have to keep thinking about the right time. You will just know it when the time arrives. When it does, you will be more than confident to go to her and propose. Of course, you should have looked at various engagement rings from specialists such as biggerdiamonds4less.co.uk before you even think of proposing. You never know when the perfect time will arrive. When it does, it would be great to have your ring ready to give to her.


Preparing for a proposal is a complicated process. There are a lot of factors that have to be considered. At the end of the day though, everything boils down to your feelings. If you are certain that this is the time to be engaged and this is the right person to spend the rest of your life with, nothing should stop you from proposing. On the other hand, if you have doubts in your mind, it is a sign that it’s not time to be engaged just yet.

For sure, if you truly love each other, the perfect time will come. If it doesn’t, perhaps the perfect person is still on her way.