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Black and White World

GRONINGEN – Hello bloggers & followers, I’m Esmee from Luxblog. I grew up in a village nearby Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands. When I was younger I didn’t care about my clothes. I’d just worn the clothes my mother bought for me. I was a real tomboy, always playing with the boys. When I came out of school, my mother told me to change my jeans for old ones to play soccer or to climb trees. But there was a turning point in my life, high school. Children and teenagers are the most honest people in the world. I got bullied on because I wasn’t that girly and they would always have something to say about my clothes. Eventually I got more girly friends and just to fit in, I got to wear what the popular girls were wearing. But around the age of fourteen the first glimpse of my own style appeared. I bought my first black, white and grey things and never stopped loving these colors (as you can see on my blog haha!) I developed my own style more and more. Eventually I reached a point I wanted to share my style with the world.

I love all minimalistic things. My style can be described as simplistic, clean and feminine. I blog and an own webshop through: www.luxblog.nl, besides that I’m a full-time photographer. I graduated cum laude in 2012 as documentary portrait photographer at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. You can see my portfolio at: www.esmeerudolf.nl. But mostly in my photographic life, I’m working as an advertisement photographer for several webshops.

I’m always surrounded with different kinds of light. If it’s day- or flashlight a picture needs light to develop. That’s how I came up with LUX, which means light in Latin.

I hope to inspire you with my black and white world!


Lux – Luxblog

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