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Boyfriend Coat

Boyfriend clothing has become a must-have when Kurt Cobain showed us how to rock oversize pieces in the 90’s. The last few years, we’ve seen boyfriend jeans, coats, blazers and jackets.
But, when did “boyfriend” style started? We can take it way back if we want to. Even though, when we mention boyfriend fashion we visualize baggy apparel, the first women in fashion who realized women needed a more masculine look was not Coco Chanel. Did you know Queen Victoria turned the rules upside down? She decided, after 1838, that women should wear pink/red and men should wear light blue/blue. The opposite was happening until then, because blue was the colour of the Virgin’s Mantle; so girls were represented by the Virgin’s colour.

That was the first time in history when women started incorporating men pieces (or, in this case, colours) to their wardrobes. Then, Coco Chanel introduced a masculine style for women which gave them comfort, convenience and mobility to work and practice sports.

Along with the social revolutions came the fashion revolutions. After hippies made their point, punks represented the anarchists. In the late 70’s they gave birth to an era were androgynous style ended with every difference left between men and women. Vivianne Westwood, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Ramones and The Runaways were just a few punk icons. Then, within the 80’s oversize and comfort became a need once again, due to aerobic fashion trends.

After both punk and aerobic trends vanished, they merged in the 90’s when grunge became the next big thing, the time when what we know as “boyfriend” fashion was created. Once again, pushing boundaries between both genders built female and male’s fashion as one: oversize grunge.
Nowadays, this “boyfriend” style is back. Like we questioned ourselves about mom jeans, we don’t know if it is a way of communicating freedom, breaking classic style rules or just looking for comfort through fashion. But, we can’t deny that perfect feeling when we wear baggy clothes without shame.

One of the best ways to confront this upcoming winter is to choose “boyfriend” fashion pieces, and one of these is the camel boyfriend coat. Why camel or grey and not black? Well, I must say (even though I would wear 24-7 total-black outfits) this season aims to the monochromatic outfits in greys, greens and browns.

It’s time to go beyond the limits like Queen Victoria did once. Bet that you can pull off your boyfriend’s coat even better than he does, because this winter is all about comfort chic.






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