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Brooklyn Girl in a New York City World

BROOKLYN – Being born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I am what many would call a “typical New Yorker”. I drink A LOT of coffee, I embrace the color black wholeheartedly, I am always in a hurry even when I have no where to go, tourist annoy me times ten, most days begin or end with some type of interaction with New York City’s finest (pan handlers of course), I live in one of the five boroughs which means my days ALWAYS begin and end on the lovely MTA and literally the side walk is my runway. Yup.. I’m a New Yorker and I love every minute of it.

Since New York has been my home forever, my love of fashion started at an early age and has evolved as the city has evolved. This mecca I live in is a melting pot for a variety of cultures, people and art, which is where I find my inspiration on a daily basis. I wouldn’t say that the world of fashion saved me, but it did have a major impact on my life and where I am today. The first day I discovered that fashion really was an art form was my sophomore year in high school. I went on a school trip to NYU and we ended up exploring the streets of Soho, NYC. That was my “aha” moment. All around me there were fashionistas, from grunge attire to downtown chic, and everyone marveled me. Even the boutiques had their own identity from high-end designers to one-of-a-kind independent shops. Amazing was an understatement. That random trip opened my eyes and I knew that being involved in the fashion industry was my calling.

Years later, not only do I strongly believe that fashion is art, but I execute it everyday with my own personal style. As a fashion consultant, blogger and contributor I am inspired on a daily basis by my beautiful city and all it includes. New York City is truly a city like no other. Many have come close and some are even better, but my city has a particular feel, smell and look that really make it unique. Being able to express yourself through your style is encouraged in the big apple. As a native, I can honestly say that growing up here has helped my style to evolve and it is continuously evolving on an everyday basis.

Realizing this prompted me to create According to Yanni D, a platform that celebrates individuality for personal style, everything fashion and how-to curated posts on showing fellow fashion enthusiasts how to embrace their own style. After all, having a love for fashion is important, but really embracing style and feeling good in whatever you wear is more important. In my world, we are all blank canvases and everyday gives us an opportunity to paint the portrait we want others to see, but most importantly ourselves.

Yanni D. – According to Yanni D


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