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Chloe Faye Bag

Over the last years, trends have not only lasted shorter in fashion terms but, also, specific designer items have represented them. We’ve seen bloggers wear lots of dream accessories like Amulette necklace by Cartier, Carol sandals by Isabel Marant and Chanel’s Canvas Graffiti Backpack.

This explains one of the multiple reasons why the trends’ cycle has shortened in terms of time length. Such a specific kind of trend that involves a single possibility, the original designer accessory, does not give that much freedom for creativity. Otherwise, sooner or later, we get bored of seeing the same accessory in every single blog and/or outfit. Sometimes, it even seems that the bloggers just became a selling link between the brand and the public, instead of an inspirational public figure.

Even though we like these new fashion habits or not, we really can’t deny we want to buy those trends/niche accessories. If brands want to sell them, they definitely found the way to make customers fall in love. Staring constantly at a same item, makes you even see it when you close your eyes and desire it even more.

Now’s the time to accept Chloé has succeeded in hypnotizing us with its new fashion bucket list bag: the Faye Bag. According to the brand’s words: “The Faye is the perfect expression of refined femininity with a modern edge. Flawless combinations of sumptuous leathers are pierced with cool hardware for subtle glam rock flair. Effortlessly elegant, the clean lines of this supple clutch are complemented by the roundness of its bold ring and pendent chain”.

These completely descriptive words capture our attention and draw a perfect imaginary sketch of the Chloe Faye Bag in our minds. 100% versatile, this accessory comes in total-black, brown and orange, and pattern python combined with beige or black calfskin. It communicates that edgy side every woman has by being both formal and informal at the same time. It captures and combines that 70’s free spirit and punk-rock inspiration in one single piece. That mixture is difficult to obtain due to the contradictory and antagonistic styles.

Luckily, we can affirm Chloé did it one more time. It inspired us to play with fashion limits, combining different and even ideologically opposite old trends and creating our own signature style.







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