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The Concrete Jungle

NEW YORK  – I guess I have it pretty easy writing about what makes my city unique and special. It’s New York City—the Big Apple, the city of dreams, the Concrete Jungle. The easier question to answer would be what doesn’t make my city unique and interesting? And like Taylor Swift says:

“Like any great love, it keeps you guessing,
Like any real love, it’s ever-changing,
Like any true love, it drives you crazy.”

Of all the beautiful and inspiring things in New York City, to me there’s nothing like the subways. When you’re reading this thinking of public transportation, I totally understand that you’re probably cringing in your seat, but bare with me here.

Public transportation caters to some of the most amazing people you will ever see in your life. The group of old guys who have created beautiful music to entertain you with during your ride to work, the couple sitting across from you that you would have never put together but are completely and utterly in love, the businessman who hasn’t peeked away from his phone once on a thirty-minute ride or the old woman who reminds you of your grandmother who you just caught eyes with and she sent a smirk over your way. It’s something that brings every type of person together.

One thing you also constantly notice while riding the subway is the individuality when it comes to clothing and beauty. It’s interesting to see what people wear, what they feel beautiful in. It may suit your taste or be the complete opposite, but there’s still something so beautiful about the fact that they picked it out and feel confident in it.

Even when you take the steps (many steps) up the stairs only to emerge back onto the streets of this distinct city, you’re met with the same mix of people. It really makes you take a step back and look at your own outfit choice. Most of the time I’m happy with my choice because I know that no one is going to judge me for what I’m wearing because chances are they’ve probably seen something way more unique or different than what I’m sporting.

Originally coming from a small town in Massachusetts, my style has definitely changed since I’ve made the move to this big city but I always try to keep a little small town charm with any outfit that I don. Rather than spending my hard earned spending money at Forever 21 like I used to (and sometimes still can’t resist) when I lived in Massachusetts, I’ve been saving up and opting for more investment pieces that I can wear with anything. Hey, I guess that’s growing up.

Grown up or not, there’s nothing wrong with expressing your personal style and that’s exactly what New York City has taught me. No matter where I end up, you can always catch me staying true to myself. Hats off to you, New York.

Kristen Bousquet – Stylish in Sequins



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