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Country & Classics

ÉVORA – Hey, my name is Maria Marques, a 26 years old Portuguese based blogger, freelancer artist and manager of cultural heritage. I’m one of the people behind the blog Marie Roget.
Living on a country city that is recognize as World Heritage since the 80’s it has an impact on my lifestyle but not in my sense of fashion. Évora has a certain Tuscany vibe, with the small streets with stone houses and small towers, white facades with yellow and blue details, pretty flowers growing on vases in the windows, old roman and gothic monuments, sunshine, green gardens and lot’s of turists. Cafés and restaurants with their small esplanades give life and imagination to the city. However, I’m a lover of the French Fashion and the blog’s name shows that. The name comes from one of my favorite writers, Edgar Allan Poe, and the tale named The Mistery of Marie Roget. I wanted something different, with the name Maria on it, and yet that sounded french. Parfait!

The minimal chic parisian style with the nudes, blues, greys, whites, blacks and stripes, the midi skirts, the black pants, white t-shirts and man shirts are some of my favorite pieces, along with black flats and heels. It took me a while to define my style but now I’ve found myself. And I have to thank to blogging! Reducing my closet to the essentials and classic pieces with a few modern/trend pieces I want to demonstrate how elegant and fashionable one can be without revealing to much of your body. Silhouette and the cut makes the difference, not the neckline. As Audrey Hepburn once said ‘elegance is the only beauty that never fades‘ and she’s so right… Having a short hairstyle is my way to be edgy with all the classic pieces of my closet.

Mixing my classic style in this country city that I live in is like combining the italian lifestyle with the french fashion. The best of both worlds, if I may say! I want to make a difference and make sure to inspire people in being themselves no matter what other’s say about how you should behave or what you should wear. You have to be one with your mind and body, and that includes the way you dress.


Maria – Marie Roget