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Dallas to LA

LOS ANGELES – Several months ago I made the move from Dallas to Los Angeles. As a gal who thrives on aesthetic stimulation, I would say this was a good decision. On the other hand, I’m also a gal who can appreciate being a reasonably sized fish in a smaller pond, knowing and loving all the other fishies in the pond.

One has no choice but to be inspired and often, quite frankly, shocked by the personal stylings of Los Angelinos. I’ve seen people rock war paint in the casual surroundings of a coffee shop (and pull it off, I might add). It’s a freeing city where the worries of making a fashion faux pas don’t ail you….because someone down the street is most likely sporting an aluminum suit with socks for mittens. Of course that person might be a hobo. But I derive inspiration from their style choices too, living so close to the Venice Board Walk where the most flamboyant vagabonds dwell. In my seven months of living here, I’ve been challenged to step outside my comfort zone stylistically. Luckily I’ve been able to explore that growth through the imagery on my blog.

However, there is something to be said for standing out. Although Dallas is a major metropolitan area, it’s also the city that coined the phrase, “the higher the hair the closer to God”. Sometimes I miss turning heads in public places because of bold style choices. Not to mention the camaraderie one feels when meeting someone in Dallas with similar interests. Someone who inevitably would know someone you know, or who has worked on a project with another amazing stylish, artistic acquaintance of yours. It felt good to be a part of the doers, the taste-makers, the artists and rock-n-rollers in Dallas. The artistic community in Dallas is so supportive, because there are only a hand full in that community (compared to a more competitive scene in LA, where everyone is doing something artistic).

Perhaps that’s why I have really dived into blogging since I’ve been out west. I’ve found a community online that is supportive and into personal stylings and vintage clothes. I have a great group of friends here in LA, but they don’t necessarily want to discuss the details of my latest thrift store finds. To get to the point, LA, thank you for the blog-spiration. Dallas, I miss our talks…. and the big hair.

Ashley – The Photogramps