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Dare to be Different

HAMAR – At this moment I live in a very small town in Norway called Hamar. I took a risk and moved out of the capital Oslo last year to find my inner peace and maybe even to find myself. And I certainly did. Just like I found my love. Sometimes I suppose that in order to find your own style, the road on the way leads us to find ourselves. For me it was never about buying the newest pieces, or wear what everybody else did during Fashion Week or other events, just to fit in. I quickly learned that putting together one outfit based on what I already had in my closet, based on what kind of mood I was in, was really my thing. Some days I use to put on some garment that make me stood out in the crowd. Even though I look back today and think “what the hell was I thinking”, it was so much fun to get some reactions from people that think I looked cool.

Fashion has always been and still is my way to express my creative side that I always knew lived inside me – “All my energy has to go somewhere”. I’m a fashion consultant, writer and blogger that always had a strong connection to the fashion industry. I started early when I was an apprentice hairdresser and did the hair of models backstage at Oslo fashion Week. I remember I was totally blown away when I saw my first fashion show as a seventeen year old, and from that day I just knew that I was going to work in this business the rest of my life, on one or the other way. Today I have my blog and I write for different magazines. I also run norwegianfashionbloggers at Facebook and Instagram and got a lot off inspiration through other norwegian fashion bloggers. There are so many people with so different taste and style, and it’s cool to follow their life through each individual fashion world.

I started my blog four years ago, just for the fun, and a bit for my own writing joy. But it was when I started to post creative outfits, stuff that inspired me and when I started to wrote about Norwegian designers and the fashionistas in Oslo, that the readers started to prove. Through these four years of blogging my blog has grown a lot and a whole new world has opened up for me. I had the opportunity to experience things I otherwise would have never done without the blog.

After lived half my life in Oslo, it was a big challenge to move out of town, but also a bit exciting. Although Hamar isn’t many hours away from the capital, I still feel the difference in the way people look at me. Before I moved here I decided to live in a smaller city would not change my personal style, but rather stand out in the crowd as an inspiration for others to maybe dare to be different in their own way.

Veronica Lauritsen – Verozitas