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Distinctive Style

GENT – I was born in a small city called Uzice in Serbia. Since I was very little I was recognizable by wearing my mother’s clothes (couple of sizes bigger than little me) and being on the heels already in the kindergarten. And since Serbia was in a really bad political and financial situation, through the years I was growing older, my mother had to be creative and sew clothes for me and my sister. It was a good fortune that she came from a family where all her relatives somehow are connected to the fashion industry. So, she learnt how to make me and my sister always look stylish and fashionable. Actually, even today I still prefer sewed pieces over the ones bought in the store. By this I could always be different and unique, completely adjusted to my personal style of clothing. And luckily my mother still makes clothes for me by my own design and that of my sister.

I finished Academy of Fine Arts and as an artist I was always drawn to the “beauty”. But after I started my master’s degree in Gent, and after being constantly close to the fashion department on KASK, I revived my passion for fashion.

When it comes to fashion, Gent is completely different from what I was used to see in Serbian cities. One of the most striking trends in Gent, is the vintage trend. There are a lots of retro stores and vintage markets where you can buy old designed clothes. People trying to be unique and original on their own ways. As a fashion-minded witness, I think that Gent people are very creative in the personal style of clothing. They mainly don’t really focus on popular trends, but they usually create their own.

The courage of Gent people to create their own style and be distinctive, inspired me to make my own fashion blog. First as a diary with some ideas for outfits and then as a possibility to connect with other bloggers, fashionistas and fashion designers all around the world. What I like a lot about having a fashion blog as wel, is that I’m constantly up to date with fashion trends and gives me a lot of fun with my boyfriend while he is taking my photographs all around the city.

I thought that the fashion gene that I inherited from my family would never go further than just the sense for beauty (no matter what I was doing in my life). However now that I have my blog, I have an opportunity to share my “fashion thoughts” with the world and to share my passion for fashion with others who have similar interests. It gives you feeling that you are more serious about fashion and that you can do something concrete with it.

I wish that people who read my blog can relate to my fashion taste and be inspired to create their own. Because in my opinion it always comes to the following: one has to be his own in everything, so the same is true for fashion.

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