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Drawn to Palm Trees

LOS ANGELES – LA is the current city I call home! My road to the Californian beaches has been with many stops and has shaped my life in the fashion lane. I consider myself lucky to have multiple roots, starting in Vancouver, Canada moving across half of the world to Switzerland where I grew up and what formed my interest for fashion and being a little different from everyone else. Fashion in Switzerland / the Alps where I grew up is very conservative and not many challenge their fashion sense to the point of standing out amongst the crowd, to the point were I can to this day pin point Swiss tourists in LA or Vancouver.

Constantly travelling around Europe and back and forth to Vancouver every city I visited I always wanted to bring home a little piece of their fashion. Cities inspire my style! No doubt about that. Vancouver exudes perfect west coast living as a city! So does the style there. Its laid back, yet has a little edge and compared to Switzerland, fellow fashion goers actually love to step up the style a bit. While working in the Fashion industry in Vancouver I found myself day dreaming about palm trees and sunshine. Starting my blog while a little bored at a trade show based on inspirational posts which happened to come from the beach. As soon as I began playing with the California idea, everything seemed to make sense as well as most people telling me I have the ultimate Cali style and that they always knew I was going to end up there.

Now settled in between the palm trees and the ocean, my style has become truly California; beachy bohemian. However, thanks to a little bit of Switzerland and the Vancouver City vibe, my beachy wardrobe goes beyond just shorts and flip flops. Follow my life in the fashion lane ‘Tobruck Ave’. The adventure has only just begun.

Fashion is culture and is so predominant in travels around the world.

Kiara Schwartz – Tobruck Ave