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Dreams Do Come True

HELSINKI – When I was a little girl I’d never had the opportunity to do much or to visit many places. I come from a little city in Bulgaria, called Burgas. It’s not a rich country so many people couldn’t afford to travel or buy expensive clothes, including me at the time. But exactly because of that I’ve always had these big, impossible for my mind to accept, dreams. You know how when you see everybody around you doing something exciting and it seems like your turn will never come. I remember I used to cry a lot when I was younger and dreaming, like praying with all my heart, that someday I’ll get to be someone that travels a lot, can afford to buy beautiful clothes, meet loads of people and see impeccable things.

Guess what?! It happened. One day when I was 19 the miracle happened and I was offered to go to Scandinavia with a piano contract (I’m a professional classical pianist by the way). I got to be on a plane many times, to live on cruise boats, to travel and see so many amazing places. After 2 years I actually moved in Helsinki, got accepted in university (without even studying for the exams), found a great job, awesome boyfriend, and to be honest, everything seems to go perfect for me. But the most exciting part is that I didn’t try hard, it’s all like a blessing, and I still can’t believe how much my life changed and I changed with it.
When I was in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Paris, etc. and met people from all over the world I started actually seeing how fashionable everybody is and I got really inspired. I’ve always loved fashion but now I could finally buy everything I wanted. Well not exactly everything, but you get my point.. I started watching youtube videos about fashion, reading loads of fashion blogs, and just walking around Helsinki, looking at the people’s street style, was quite enough. Almost everybody is blond and tall and incredibly stylish. I am the biggest fan of Scandinavian style. Monochrome, sneakers, casual and chic – amazing! Now I started my own fashion blog so I can share my obsession (if I can call it that) with everybody. I was anyways spending 24/7 in reading other people’s thoughts, so I decided to do something creative. And since all of my previous dreams came true now my new dream is to make my blog succesful. Oh, and, before I forget, to have enough money to buy all of the designer clothes, bags and shoes I’m in love with! Does it sound familiar? 🙂

Maggie – Maggiecal Life




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