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Eastern Europe vs UK

CAMBRIDGE – As a 17 year old girl, I took the chance to study in Cambridge, for a year. The main goal was to improve my English and to prepare myself for the university in the UK. My choice for Cambridge is based on the name, it sounds great. It’s not like I’m a nerd. I don’t take part in the college of the highest level (I didn’t expected otherwise). Luckily I found someone who wanted to help me, to make pictures of me. Originally, I am from Slovakia, which is small country. In Slovakia there is a certain mind-set when it comes to clothes and style. There are differences, but I also noticed some similarities. In general dressing style there are always gold exceptions…

With basic observation skills, you are able to recognize Eastern European fashion ‘stylist’ (with a few exceptions). The most typical eastern European men, from countries such as Poland, Croatia, Serbia or Russia have a huge amount of tracksuits. I consider it like a golden rule: When I see somebody in tracksuit, he has the typical eastern European hard ‘r’ and he is bold then he must be from Eastern Europe. On the other hand, on the streets of these countries I didn’t see so many people in tracksuits. Maybe all tracksuits lovers went to England? In case of women, you can recognize the stereotype by skinny figure, sharp face structure and ‘We are fan of animal print’ or ‘I think I am looking good in these small pieces of clothes’ looks. With these rules in mind you will be able to recognize Eastern Europe people everywhere.

The main differences are noticeable with the boys. Boys in UK are generally good looking with the typical British charm. Take a closer look and they all look the same: The same slightly hipsters looks. At least, they are not all bold playing football in tracksuits. But I think as in every country there are certain waves of styles, which influence young generation year by year. Even in my home city you can find English style boys. English girls… well, there are some things, I do not understand about them. From my observations there are girls in clubs with fake tan, orange make-up, summer dresses without tights while it is no more then -5 degrees outside. In this case, I think eastern European women are more conservative and concerned about their health(!) even they have sometimes weird creations. Personally, with this lifestyle I would have ‘women’s problems’ and ending up in hospital. In Slovakia the women are dressed more ‘provocatively’ in corresponding weather.

Anyways, I am grateful for any exceptions to these stereotypes. I think it is good skill to have! When you are bored at the airports or any other international place and you are able to simply guess the nationality (or region).

Patricia Bajtosova – Ma Coco Vie