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Equal Opportunist

LOS ANGELES – My favorite place to write is in my bed, under the covers with my French bulldog Margo, at my feet. I do enjoy the comforts of my cozy bed but what I enjoy most is that directly in front of me sits my closet, which is full of everything that inspires me from morning to night. So what? I’m a clotheshorse, there I said it. “Hi, my name is Jenny Bernheim and I am a shopaholic.”

I have a fascination for all things fashion. It actually intrigues me! From the materials, to construction, to styling an entire look. It never gets old and there is never enough. Because I am an equal opportunist, I find myself getting into some pretty sticky style situations since I don’t discriminate against any look. I sit for hours just pouring through page after page, click after click. I am a street style junkie. I see something I like and “Bam”, an outfit inspiration for tomorrows blog post! It’s totally normal that I save every magazine that I have a subscription for, right? And their mounds gathering around my living room look just like yours don’t they? I mean who throws Vogue away, isn’t that a sin?

Sometimes I wonder where my “obsession” came from – this inner desire to constantly create through the clothing that I wear. Years ago, I read a quote by a brilliantly creative woman, Coco Chanel (maybe you’ve heard of her?), “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the streets, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. There couldn’t be more truth to this. I consider myself to be a very positive person and anyone who knows me would say the same. It is so important to be grateful for what you are given in life, not to be entitled and to genuinely be kind to people. Believe it or not, I’ve been around long enough to know that what goes around does come around and the world is a much smaller place than we tend think. Finding beauty in difficult situations can at times be challenging but the world becomes a more beautiful place when you do.

I live in a little town known to some as the City of Angels, a name that always conjures up images of angels being everywhere. But super fashionable angels blanketed in pearls, Prada and peep toes, of course. When I moved here, I had dreams of opening a boutique on Third Street, a place in Los Angeles where all of the uber chic boutiques reside. Then, the recession hit and opening a boutique didn’t seem like the best idea – that and I was only 19.

After a few years spent in the fashion public relations industry, I couldn’t help but feel like that wasn’t it for me. I have so much respect for those who mentored me along the way. These people do their jobs with such dedication! I am a very strong believer that all things happen for a reason and the reason I worked in PR was to be inspired by the designers that I worked for, and wow, did they inspire me! I woke up one day and thought, “In a year from now you’ll have wished you had started today”, so I did! I quit my job, started my blog (www.margoandme.com), went back to school for fashion design and began to style some pretty cool people and editorials!

With the help of my precious pup and supportive photographer boyfriend, my blog has morphed into something that was created out of my love of fashion and frenchies, into something that I am really proud of! It is a place where I translate all of the latest trends into daily looks for you to hopefully be inspired by! I hope you enjoy!

Jenny Bernheim – Margo and Me