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Everything is mixed in life

VIENNA- I always promised myself that I will never start my studies right after finishing my A-Levels. And dead sure nothing barren like economics. I’d love to become a psychologists or maybe a journalist, an actress , a dancer or a moderator (I’ve got so many passions!!). Well, three months later I found myself in Vienna at University studying international economics. I wasn’t sure if I totally lost myself or coincidence brought my on the right way. It somehow felt so right and so wrong at the same time. I’ve been in a deep hole and as I write down everything which is on my mind  I catched plane papers and let my mind wander.I thought of what I would do if I had the chance to do everything in my life. And this was the result: I would travel the whole word to especially get to know new cultures, new ways of living and most important: new and inspiring people. And I would want to ask them questions that occupy me most like “ what makes life worth living it“ „What’s the most important leason you’ve learnt“ or „how to get out of a deep hole in life“. And I wanted to publish the results so people’s answers could help others too.

And as I also wanted to test my own writing I decided to write about my interests as well. And as fashion is a big part in my life since ever I made a fashion-life blog combination. And just as I was having second thoughts, Michael Jordan gave me a start with the following words “I can accept Failure. Everyone fails at something, but I cannot accept not trying”.

I want people to realize the beauty that’s inherent in everything. Especially in fashion. It’s so much more than just apparel and make-up. Fashion is a possibility to express, define and even create yourself. It can be a big aid to make you feel better and more confident. We pretty ourselves up in order to feel good in our own skin. That’s what it all is about, isn’t it?

The name “blackmixedblood” stands for my mixed origin as it’s half German and a quarter Swedish and Sicilian. Furthermore it’s about the fact that in life everything is mixed. There are two sides to every story, that’s just the way it is.

So it’s just the third month of my blog now and there are still a lot of plans I couldn’t realise yet and really a lot to work on, especially photo quality and design but no one’s born a master and things take time.

My personal style
isn’t really definable at least not until now. I love to experiment and slip into different roles. Or maybe it’s about making the best out of my wardrobe as you can’t always buy the things you want to have. But what I like most is minimalistic style with a androgynous touch. I love twoparter, coats and heels, sneakers, leather, black, white and denim.

Selina Brunetto – Blackmixedblood