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Fashion and Design

AMERSFOORT – As a young kid, I was always drawing and dancing. Part of the dancing was dressing up and creating costumes so I guess my love for fashion started there. My mum used to make my clothes because my parents couldn’t afford buying them. I was on top what she made, giving her suggestions cause I didn’t wanted to look like a fool at school. Growing up, I started buying clothes from my own earned money or made them myself. At that time I was a bit alternative and I only wore black. You know.. puberty.

Getting older my style changed, inspired by the fashion magazines and people I saw in the streets. I still loved wearing clothes not everyone else wore but it got more mainstream. The last couple of years I got interested in the whole minimal thinking, we don’t need so many stuff cause there is so much already. That also included my wardrobe which meant giving away a lot of clothes and only stick to the basics. Of course I buy new clothes once in a while, but I try to be creative, mixing old with new or make something new from something old. I’m happy with my style now- minimal with clean lines and I can mix it with all the temporarily trends.

I founded my blog 1,5 years ago posting my fashion illustrations. What started out as an illustration blog turned out into a styleblog about fashion, illustration and design.
How did that happen? Well.. before I start to draw I do a lot of research getting as much inspiration as I need. Not only from the regular fashionmag’s but also from the streets, from Art, from Design and so on. Having a big passion for fashion and design and brainstorming about my blog, I decided to blog about Fashion and Design as well. Both my illustration posts and fashion- and design posts are inspired by minimalism, graphics and black lines. I like leaving things out in my drawings and get to the essence. That’s also what I like in Fashion and Design, less is definitely more and strengthens the design.

Besides blogging and drawing I started photographing due to Instagram. Just love making pics of things that are interesting or inspiring me and sharing it with others. I still have a lot to learn about photography but I am really enjoying the learning process. There are also outfit pics on my feed, but most of the times ”anonymously” cause it’s not about me but about my creations.

Curious? Enough said.. the pics and illustrations speak for themselves
Have a visit on my blog or instagram feed. Would love to see you there and get to know your opinions!

Brenda – Sketchonista / @sketchonista on instagram


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white poolslides minimalistic outfit

fashion illustration