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Vienna is Different

VIENNA – That´s the slogan of our city. This was thought-provoking to us. Our conclusion: Yes, in some ways Vienna really is different! We will discuss the fashion in Vienna here in this column.

Deea and I do not have our roots in vienna. We moved here to study and enjoy this beautiful city. We have to say the capital of Austria is full of fantastic architecture, art, culture and fashion and it´s a city with enormous quality of living. Somehow most of the people here still seem to be uninterested in having a unique look. About one and a half year ago Deea and I decided to start a blog about fashion, lifestyle and architecture. We wanted to share our passion for aesthetics and fashion with other people. Of course we´re doing outfit posts about how we would wear various trends or simply to show our daily style to give some inspiration. The experience Deea and I made was that a lot of people in Vienna are indifferent to fashion. Don´t get us wrong, they are shopping and not less than in other countries but the mainstream is wearing some kind of „uniform“ that don´t tell anything personal. So there might arise the impression that nobody wants to step outside his beloved comfort zone. We haven´t really experienced this in other cities we’ve been to. Everywhere else people seem to enjoy being fashionable and get compliments for their style. In Vienna you´re already different when you are walking around in high heels without any particular reason. Neither is it chic to care too much about style nor is it usual to dress up too much. So if someone ventures a step people are judging. Comments like „I would never dare to wear something like this“ or „Interesting combination but that´s nothing for me“ are daily. Why is it that you´re seen differently if you take your time to dress up just as you wish or trying different hair- and make-up styles? Can you really judge somebody for taking care of his appearance? Does it have to inevitably mean that she or he is shallow and smug? French or Italians for example are interested in fashion and have their special look. England has it´s own brands and style for hundreds of years even if it´s conservative. Is it the german speaking world and it´s culture that thinks of fashion as irrelevant or is it an explicit viennese thing? Take a look at the Opera Ball for example: Nobody knows how to dress elegant or tasteful. As well as on the streets it´s hard to find a lot of outstanding styles. Even more we´re happy if we see some funky mixes and looks.

Fashion should be fun and an expression of your mood and your personal taste no matter what other people think of you. Hopefully more people will see it that way and develop this countries fashion culture so Vienna really can be different!

Deea and Laura – Les Factory Femmes