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Fashion is a way to enhance people

PARIS – As all the fashion bloggers around the world, I’m really passionated by fashion, luxury and brands. It’s hard for me to explain cause fashion is in my life for a long time. I don’t want to just leave it by wearing beautiful clothing or chasing my own style; I really would like to work in the fashion industry as well. That’s the reason why I started studying fashion business in Paris. I’ve lived my whole life in Lille, so it kinda feels like a I’m starting a new life here in Paris. But because everyone in the world knows Paris, I prefer talk to you about Lille. It’s a perfect place to stay one week. The architecture is really beautiful and there are some nice shops, little pretty shops or big ones as “Printemps” or “Galeries Lafayette”. People are really welcoming and despite of the uncertain weather, Lille is really a nice place to visit. So, if you come in France, I recommend you to visit this place.

For me, fashion is a way to express yourself. To have fun through the various ways outfits can be worn. I see fashion as art by which we are able to explain who we are. And with clothing, and accessories of course, we are able to develop ourselves into the person we would like to be. It celebrates all occasions in our lives and I guess it will be always a way to escape. Be what you want, wearing the clothes you want. Nothing seems to be impossible when you feel good in your clothes. With fashion, everyone can be beautiful, as fashion is a way to enhance people.

Why “The Heels”? This name came to me spontaneously thinking about shoes and the American reality serie “The Hills”. It makes me think about feminity and the United States (place where I really would like to live in the future). I’m a crazy fan of shoes, so I thought this name was perfect for my blog. I think it sounds well and it’s easy to remember, don’t you think so?

Ellynn Piekarski – The Heels