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Fashion is Art

BUENOS AIRES – Destiny is something I believe in, but the problem starts when my obsessive impulse tries to control every single thing in my life. I just try to tell myself: LET IT FLOW! But, we all know the fight mind vs. heart slips through our fingers. I like to believe that I was born in this beautiful city to discover and challenge myself. As a tourist, Buenos Aires is like Paris in America. Then… reality hits you in the face, and you must know living here is not that easy, particularly when you want to be a fashion journalist.

I was raised in a family that allows you to pursue your dreams, no matter how hard or crazy they are. Art is what defines my mother – or may I call her my best friend – and I. In order to express yourself and know what you want, you must risk everything. This is exactly what she taught me.

In Buenos Aires, fashion is a language just a few people talk. Which, by the way, is in a permanent gestation period. There is too much judging and if you step aside from what everybody wears you will feel stared at, and I can assure that. But, another thing I learned in my 19 years of life is that no one can tell you who you are, what you should wear and what you should do. So, I just like to be myself even though people don’t understand or like it.

I remember 6 years ago I started to define my style (which evolved, thank god!) and my pairs laughed at me, not with the purpose of hurting me, but they did. Until, one day, I decided I would laugh with them instead of explaining that what I liked was simply different. Nowadays, three of them are like sisters to me. It’s just about letting people know who you are; and fashion reflects that.

As any kind of expression allows me to be free, my passions can be resumed in five words: fashion, journalism, astrology, philosophy and tattoos. The best way to find yourself is fashion, or at least that was my essential tool. By trying to find your own style, you are searching your true spirit. I really believe fashion is art. This is the reason why, even though I love Buenos Aires, I think fashion is not completely understood nor accepted here; it’s a niche thing. So, in order to chase my dreams, my destiny carries me away from this city, wanting to escape to London, NYC or Berlin, where art is found at every single corner.

This is the best thing to do, search for what you truly need to be happy and full-filled, and don’t be afraid to do it; because, fashion is the first big step towards the rest of your life. Don’t you think so?

María Blardone – Mary’s Return



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