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Fashion-Minded Citizens

GOTHENBORG – Most people living in Gothenborg are really caring about how they look and what they are wearing. I have been traveling a lot to big cities like New York, Paris, London, Milan, Sydney etc. and I noticed that none of the citizens of these cities are as fashion-minded as the ones in Gothenborg. Or actually in Sweden over all. I heard people saying from all over the world that Swedish people look so good. I personally can’t agree more with them. I think it’s all about the clothes and styling. Even though everyone spends his money on clothes differently, almost everyone seems to think that their appearance is kinda based on the clothes that they are wearing. Fashion is not about money, it’s about being yourself about expressing yourself in a way you like it to. I guess that’s the most fascinating thing about living here in Sweden. In contrary to the freaking cold here, of course. No, I don’t like the cold either. So actually, that’s why I travel a lot. And I LOVE to travel. I’ve been touring around the USA, Australia, Asia and Europe – and each trip for periods of months. I can’t really name a certain city which is my favorite, but well.. I love New York, San Francisco, Paris and Sydney. So, obviously the biggest cities of the world are my thing. I guess it’s related to the fashion and the people living over there.

I think it’s even more fun being a fashion blogger when you’re surrounded by fashion loving people. It’s like getting inspired at every place you go. Also, I work on Vagabond shoes head quarter and as a model, which kinda means I’m surrounded by fashion all the time. It’s fun to work in the shoe business, after a while of working with just clothes. And I do my own designs too and I like to sketch a lot. I’m in the beginning of starting a new company, so this period of my life is really interesting. It all takes a lot of time though. And despite of running my own blog, it takes me several hours a day to deliver great posts and pictures. I’m really putting a lot of energy in all of it. Eventually, I hope to inspire people with my personal style and my photographs all over the world.

Caroline Roxy

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