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Why You Should Wear Fashionable Headphones

As a fashion lover, everything must be trendy in your life, aren’t we right? It’s not just about clothing and shoes. Even your headphones, iPhone case and journal must be stylish. We are obsessed with making everything around us as pretty as possible.

Music and fashion pair off perfectly. The famous music festival Coachella is a style inspiration-bomb. Whilst partying on the greatest music, we get inspiration for next fashion seasons. Songs are also used to set a mood in fashion shows. Music and fashion are both ways to express yourself and show a bit of your personality. Isn’t it all about style?!

Chiara Ferragni by ELLE

Since music and fashion are so related to each other, we fashion babes must listen to our favorite songs in style. We run into PRYMA the other day: a headphone brand who understand our desires. Fashionable headphones with the highest quality sounds.
Just what we need. They have an interesting focus on lifestyle with a luxury feeling.


The PRYMA headphones are handcrafted in the most stylish country in the world, Italy. We also spotted the phones on Beyonce in the music-video Lemonade and on several famous models being off-duty. Do we need to say more?

Be one of the #prymers and listen to music in style. Show your outfits on the streets, spice it up with fashionable headphones and look as unique as you listen!


written by Sophia Molen