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We already know the origins of jeans, created for miners as work wear by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1871. But, when did basic jeans become flared? And when did this become a trend? The first ones to incorporate flared jeans to their uniforms were the sailors in the 19th century. Comfort produced this change in jeans’ sillouttes. The navy needed to take off easily and quickly the uniform boots, and to give them even more practical uses flared jeans were wide enough to roll up and/or take off when getting wet.

Probably, when we think of flared jeans the first image that comes to our minds are 60’s and 70’s clothes. This is the exact period when they became a fashion item, forgetting their useful and practical concept. Even though this trend started in the late 60’s (among other colourful bell buttons, minis and boots), the boom of flared jeans is attributed to 70’s fashion. Not only the hippies used them, but also the parallel fashion style: disco. Often worn with heavy platforms, crop tops, tight shirts and longhair waves; flared jeans became a must in those generations’ closets.

Who thought this trend would regenerate from ashes like a phoenix bird? Nowadays, after filling our wardrobes with skinny jeans we must move on. What can some pair of flared jeans do to our style? This reassures the 70’s comeback we’ve been admiring in the latest fashion weeks when discovering bangs, longhairs, flared jeans, platforms, squared below the knee boots, fringed items and very colourful patterns. If Yves Saint Laurent made the flared jeans part of his world, what makes you think you can’t incorporate them to your own and particular style?


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