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A Fresh Look on Pearl Jewelry: Essential Pieces

Pearls have been revered by all cultures and civilizations since the dawn of time. The modern age loved them and wore them with pride and passion. If you think about ladies like Audrey Hepburn or Liz Taylor, you know that pearls have always been associated with high class, elegance, feminine charm and wisdom. However, the last decades haven’t been fair to pearls. The rise of diamond jewelry pushed the delicate gem into a shadowy corner, associating it with old fashion and nostalgia.

But now it’s time to go look through your grandmother’s jewelry box as specialists say that pearls are making a huge comeback. It is only natural: the contemporary world rediscovered the smooth shining luster of pearls, their eerie light, their amazing colors and their market value and now everybody wants to get their hands on a magnificent piece of pearl jewelry. Today we will give pearls a fresh look and talk about some essential pieces that shouldn’t be absent from any woman’s jewelry collection.

1. The Pearl Necklace

pearl necklace layers

Be them golden Akoya or black Tahitian, pearl necklaces are a symbol of refinement and upscale taste. They vary depending on length and have specific names (collar, choker, rope). However, if you take a look at the latest fall/winter 2015-2016 jewelry trends, you will notice that chokers are la piece de resistance when it comes to exquisite accessories.

Pearl chokers can be worn on their own, or styled with diamond rondels and brooches. They enhance the beauty of a woman’s neck and cleavage and work great with business power outfits, casual attire, and designer evening gowns. Keep in mind that pearls come in fabulous hues and shades, from suave pinks to dramatic purples.


2. The Pearl Drop Earrings

modern pearl earring

Some experts say that a woman should possess at least a pair of diamond studs. Others say that a pair of pearl drop earrings is just as mandatory to add class and seduction to any type of outfit.

Pearl drop earrings come in a myriad of settings, being paired with sterling silver, white and yellow gold and even in refined combinations with diamonds or crystals. They emphasize any type of outfit and love the attention – this is why you should style your hair in a classy bun whenever you wear pearl drop earrings. You can see many such types of earrings if you follow this link.  



3. The Pearl Ringtrendy pearl ring jewelry

Usually associated with engagement and weddings, contemporary pearl rings moved beyond the realms of traditional marriage proposals and bridal affairs. Modern women feature today a stylish pearl ring in a diamond setting to look absolutely fabulous no matter the occasion. Some consider it to be a statement as well, an elegant way to defy conventions.

Pearl rings, just like diamond ones, are not dependent on a given circumstance. They are worn at the office, at cocktail parties, at casual or fancy dinners. As long as you keep it safe from physical damage, your gorgeous lavender Freshwater pearl ring adorned with diamonds will seduce the audience no matter where you go.





4. The Pearl Bracelet

pearl bracelet fashion jewelryIf you really want to stand out of the crowd and look like you have just stepped down from the cover of a magazine, a pearl bracelet can do the trick in more ways than one. You can pick a monochrome bracelet – and we all have to agree, white pearls are timeless – or, you can make a true statement of elegance and class and go for a multicolored pearl bracelet. Some pieces come in the evergreen mix of black and white, while others join golden, lavender, white, ivory and navy blue pearls.







5. The Pearl Jewelry Set

pearl jewelry stacking

Probably the best choice when it comes to investing in pearls, pearl sets usually contain a necklace, earrings, and bracelet. Such sets feature a pearl pendant on a thin deluxe white gold chain, or stud earrings and multi-strand bracelets. The combinations are endless. Everything you need to remember is that these sets are recommended to women of all ages.







Top Tips When Choosing Your Essential Pearl Pieces

Your pearl jewelry, no matter its type, should first and foremost compliment your skin tone and your natural beauty. Large pearls are usually recommended to mature women, while small pearls go better with young, even teenage girls. Contemporary pearl jewelry should always come together with a serious warranty offered by the seller and a reliable return/repair policy. Don’t hesitate when thinking about pearls: they are indeed nature’s gift to women everywhere.

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