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From Population to Isolation And Vice Versa

ATHENS – Even though it’s not quite the main “big city” of the world, Athens can definitely give you not just one, but many clues of how it feels to be part of a capital and live in the center of a country. It is as faceless as a city, where more than 3 million people reside, but beautiful, emotional and historical beyond imagination. From the “Parthenon” to the little streets of “Plaka” and the poor neighborhoods, everything exhales the aura of a city that has been through a lot, but is still strong and alive. And there isn’t something more inspiring than a city fighting for its glory. My relationship with Athens -this mixture of images and feelings- is a love-hate one, from the ones which you want to take some time off for a while and then you want to go back like crazy.

Aghios Nikolaos – A little quiet coastal town, lying on the east side of Crete, built on the ruins of ancient Lato. It is my hometown. If there is a place that I call home, a place, where I turn to when life “gives me lemons”, this is Aghios Nikolaos. For 18 years I breathed the salty air and woke up to the endless sea every morning. I walked through fields and beaches and swam in the most beautiful waters and realized that beauty is everywhere around us, lying on the simplest of things. To be honest it took me some time to appreciate all this and to understand how important this city is to me. Athens forced me to see this beauty and this beauty forced me to try and find inspiration in Athens.

Living half of the year in Athens studying and the other half in Crete is the most inspiring thing especially for my fashion mentality. In Athens one can see such a mishmash of styles, and people tend to confuse style with eccentricity. While in Crete people have a more relaxed style, a more island kinda calm attitude. All these have influenced and developed my personal style to become more minimal with unique details. A style which has became my own.

I try to gain something from every country I visit and improve not only my style but myself as well. After all I believe we are world citizens and we must try and live to the prosperity of all people and not just the ones in our close circles.

Konstantina Tzortzi – Limonspective