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How to Look Great in Nursing Gear

A nurse is usually in scrubs from the start of their day to the end of it. People assume that a nurse practitioner doctorate degree comes with a dull and boring sense of style. However, there are certain ideas that you can incorporate into your uniform to make it look cute and stylish. Here are a few tips to look stylish on the job.

Make Sure Your Nursing Gear Fits

When shopping for an outfit, make sure that it flatters your body. Petite nurses should avoid scrubs that are oversized. Make sure that the bottom has a slim fit, and tuck in the scrub top to accentuate your waistline. It is always better to opt for v-neck designs, they flatter different body sizes and shapes.

Get scrub tees if you want a nice fitting uniform. Dark colors will make you look lean while monochromatic designs are visually appealing. A nurse with a pear-shape will look flattering with a longer top that rests on the hips.

Work Towards a Coordinated look

Create a simple basic style that will make your daily routine stress free. Go for neutral colors that complement your skin complexion. Warm hues should be worn by people with warm complexions. Bright whites and jewel tones are ideal for nurses with cool complexions.

You should try to stick to earth colors, black or white, these colors never go out of fashion. In case you opt for the dark colors make sure you have plenty of scrub tops and bottoms because they get dirty easily.

Comfort Comes First

When you are choosing nursing gear, comfort should always come first. Stretchy materials are comfortable for nurses with busy schedules because they move with your body while soft fabrics will feel gentle against your skin. Make sure that your scrubs can be machine washed to save on time.

Play with Different Colors

In most hospitals, nurses are expected to be in blue or white scrubs. A nurse can decide to stand out by mixing prints with plain colors. Use statement pieces for a personalized touch. If you have a bold personality you can wear two prints from one color family. Always make sure that any outfit you put on is in line with the hospital’s policy to avoid any trouble.

Invest in beautiful accessories to enhance your style, make sure that your pieces are subtle. Large accessories, excess makeup and too much color tend to distract the patients and doctors.

The way you dress will influence people’s perception of you, your confidence and mood and these few tips should be able to help you spruce up your nursing outfit. Nurses spend a lot of time juggling between their tight schedules while some are busy working and gaining an online nursing doctoral program from institutions like Bradley University, so it may be hard for you to spare some time to go shopping. However, make sure that you look professional and competent while incorporating a touch of personal style to your nursing gear.

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