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DUBLIN – I was born in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary not because I am Hungarian but simply because my parents decided to give birth to me there. For the first eight years of my life I was raised in Cluj-Napoca, Romania; a beautiful country where I still hold fond memories of my childhood. Whether it was swimming in the beautiful lakes of the Carpathians and dipping in the Black Sea during summer time, or skating on frozen lakes and rivers during icy winters, the memories will stay with me forever.

When I was eight years old we moved to the city of Dublin, Ireland. We didn’t only move to a new country but a new culture, a new language and to a country filled with tradition and history. I fell in love with Dublin the moment I set foot on Irish soil. The friendliness and the unlimited miles of the people stayed with me and always will. Attending a very traditional school until the age of seventeen, I had to wear a school uniform which allowed very little space for individuality and expression. For a long time I struggled to find my personal style, as I went through various phases of disappointment, in the end only to realize that they didn’t reflect my personality or who I was.

After graduating from high school, I decided to study Computer Science and it was only then when I broke out of that cycle. I had realized that the only way to “have” style is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to wear what you like, and what makes you feel like you are the most beautiful you that you can be. In my case, in order to express my real self outwardly, I had to take a step back and look within myself to figure out who I really was. So many times we are so enticed by trends and other people’s personal style, that we forget to develop and work on our own. My motto and advice to everyone in this regard is to simply and completely be yourself.

The fashion scene in Dublin is quite relaxed, as it is really a mix of what everyone likes to wear. You can go out and wear anything you are comfortable in, without feeling out of place. Dublin weather is known for it’s ability to showcase all the four seasons in one day and because of it’s unpredictability, there is one accessory one should never forget when going out: the pretty umbrella.

I would describe my personal as simple, minimalistic, with colours such as black, white and neutrals filling most of my wardrobe. I absolutely adore stripes and the odd pop of colour which is usually on the lips. Out of our deep interest in fashion, my sister Teddy and I created our own blog. Although being mainly fashion oriented, our blog showcases a mix of content including travel, food, lifestyle and everything else in between.

Alexandra Coptil – Teddy and Alex