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Inspired by Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM – I grew up in a very small town somewhere in the Netherlands, called Doesburg. Doesburg is surrounded by fields and forests. Most people like small places for being able to get to know everyone easily. For me it was a big issue.  People used to talk about each other’s back. I became very insecure. I didn’t know who I was and was always afraid of what people would think of me. So I dressed like the popular girls. That felt safe. But yeah, it also meant I looked like candy, a skater or a rich man’s child. Not my style.

When I went to High School my own style began to develop. I studied Communications so there were many girls in my class with many different styles. Really comforting to see other girls struggling as well with finding their own style. I loved fashion by that time and blogs were my inspiration. Although, those bloggers  looked different from the girls in my classroom. So it was still kinda scary to wear what I really wanted to wear.

After my 21st birthday I got the news I failed for my graduation exam. I had to find a new company and 6 more months of studying. After many tears I saw this as an opportunity to start over as the real me. My boyfriend gained access to the University of Amsterdam and within a week I founded a company in the same city for my second graduation assignment.

Since 6 months I have lived here in Amsterdam and I fell in love on the first day. Doesburg was way too boring, too small and too monotone. Living in Amsterdam was number one on my bucket list. It took me 21 years to make it to here but I did it! People are so friendly, relaxed and totally respecting each other. So many different styles and nobody is looking weird at you. Every week I discover new places, new stores, new corners, new streets and new people.

I’m so inspired by Amsterdam, I finally found my own style and I wear whatever I want.  I would describe my style as simple, minimalistic and tough. I like beanies, caps and sneakers combined with an elegant trouser and crop top. Or high chunky heels combined with a boyfriend jeans. Mission accomplished.

Next challenge, finding new friends. Really hard in a new city while working fulltime, haha. So feel free to stop by!