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Interview with A Pretty Pass

Juule, the German blogger behind A Pretty Pass, moved to Vienna. We are curious to her story and her personal style.

In which city did you grew up and in which cities have you lived so far?
I grew up in Nuremberg, a city in the South of Germany. Except of Berlin and Vienna I haven’t been living in another city yet but I hope my listing will grow in the next several years due to the fact that I am a huge fan of travelling.

You have moved from Germany to Vienna. What were your reasons to move to Vienna?
It was a knee to jerk reaction! I’ve never been to Vienna before but moved there because of my studies in communication science (kind of a combination of journalism and communications). It feels like home and it was the perfect decision to make.

Your personal style is very mixed. Do you think your style is a great match with Vienna?
I do not think that it matches that good. The fashion scene here in Vienna (as far as I can comment that) is very classy and chic, not really risky. They play it safe which isn’t a bad thing but I like it to be a bit different when it comes to fashion. I am a fan of inconsisteny in style and like to combine classy pieces with an edgy touch.

How has Germany influenced your personal style?
Germany influenced my style a lot. Not because of the country but because of the fact that I grew up in Germany. I spent my whole teenage time there so all my style changes somehow left its mark on this country. But I have to admit that living in Berlin also changed my sense of style. 

What are the main differences you have noticed between Germany and Austria?
I am living for almost half a year now in Vienna and somehow it’s not a big difference. The austrian language is very similiar to German so I do not have any language problems except of some typical Viennese expressions, but these are funny! A fact that seems different is the architecture, all the old buildings are so stunning and everywhere and not comparable to Germany. Vienna has a very unique touch with a lot of different influences. So many places remind me of different cities, the varity is amazing!

Do you think your style is a better match with Germany of Austria?
Actually I am not quite sure if a personal style matches a city. I think it’s more the influences that a city can give your personal style. A city should inspire you in different ways and living in Vienna inspires me a lot!

Do you have some other dream cities where you would like to live a period of your life?
I am an unbelievable huge fan of Paris and I hopefully will move there after my studies, but somehow my passion for London is growing as well! It would be a pleasure to see a lot of different places and cities. And if I will get the opportunity to move to a(nother) city I like, I would definitely not hesitate. I hope my future job will give me the chance to travel a lot!


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