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Lavish Lavish

AALBORG – We are two girls, founded one blog together named ‘Lavish Lavish’, from a city called Aalborg. What? Where? Yeah, your reaction might be similar to this one. It isn’t that weird since it’s just a small and unknown city in Denmark (still the fourth largest city of Denmark in terms of population though). For this reason, we can easily feel forgotten among the fashion bloggers.

However, we’ve still dedicated our lives to fashion and we love to follow the trends. We just can’t get enough of it! Being a blogger in Aalborg is probably very different from being one in the Denmark’s fashion city Copenhagen. Expect for its smaller population compared to Copenhagen, Aalborg is a small city in terms of fashion too. Even so, we are still closely following the international fashion industry by the internet.

Nevertheless, Aalborg shouldn’t be considered as a NO-GO city at all. Walking down Aalborg’s streets right now, during the Christmas season, is really special and enchanting! You’ll find the traditional Christmas atmosphere right here; think of snowy streets full of Christmas lights. We have some really delicious and exclusive shops too, which adds a certain value to the city.

Despite our love for Aalborg, we must admit that it would be super cool to move to some bigger city like Copenhagen. We find it such a shame that we don’t have the international fashion week over here. However we can’t deny the fact that Copenhagen is the city of fashion. So maybe, ..somewhere in the future, ..when we are ready for a bigger world, ..you’ll encounter us in Copenhagen one day!

Lavish Lavish