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Melting Pot of Styles

LEEDS – London is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world, and certainly of the UK. I have lived in the northern city, Leeds, all of my life. Now I am a student here, and it is through my University experience that I encounter most of my style inspiration.

The majority of the student body on my course, History of Art, is from London. Being in a lecture is a melting pot of styles. I see so many more varying outfits, styles, senses of fashion and taste in my lectures than I would walking down the street of a city, be it London or Leeds.

It has been my experiences at University that have motivated me to document my style through my blog. I realised that being in contact with so many different styles would cause my own to change, through conscious and subconscious influences. In the eight months I have been blogging, my style has already evolved considerably. Being a student has encouraged me to step beyond my comfort zone: I dress more casually than ever before, I rummage through vintage shops, I prefer my jeans to have a rip in the knees. Having said this, I also appreciate more than ever the importance of remaining true to my own style, that is simplistic and always with a slightly smart edge.

Being a student in Leeds has led me to a point where I am both confident in my own style, and excited to see how I will be inspired next.

Lizzy Hadfield – Shot From The Street

shot from the street