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365 Days of Summer

MIAMI BEACH – Our daily outfits constantly revolve around the weather. We layer, we bare legs, we choose boots over sandals; the possibilities are endless. What if you lived in a place where summer was the only season? I happen to be one of those individuals that live in a tropical town. Many envy the fact that Miami Beach residents can walk to the beach -don’t get me wrong I love this place, but it’s a bit of a challenge when it comes to styling.

For a normal person the equation is quite simple; flip-flops, shorts and a tank top. Of course for me, beating the heat is not easy. I have an infatuation with denim, blazers, oversize shirts and closed-toe shoes. Yes! I’m sweating just thinking about it. I’ve come to peace with the fact that no matter what I wear I will always feel hot.

To get by I rely on basics every single day, more so than when I lived in the mid-west. They are definitely the core of my wardrobe. It’s kind of fun actually! Since the weather is the same all year-round, you can force yourself to build a pretty solid spring-summer closet. Lightweight tees, skinnies, light blazers and whites…lots of whites.

My work outfits might seem boring to the average Miami crowd, but for me they are comfortable, effortless and forever stylish. Neutral colored (grey, black, and white obviously) boxy tops with denim bottoms and statement oxfords are my best friends during busy days. On the weekends I try to let loose and wear colorful vintage shirts with oversized shorts to feel a bit more tropical.

I can complain about the heat all I want, but Miami has brought out my true self; I am confident to wear anything that my heart desires without hesitation. I’m incredible gratefully to live in such a beautiful place that constantly inspires me and challenges my creativity.

Maria Copello – Notes Of Style