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Middle-Eastern to Western Fashion

TEL AVIV – With one foot in Paris, the city of light and fashion, and the other in Tel Aviv, both being home for me, I’ve been influenced through different visions of the same culture. After graduating from Law school in Paris, I found myself in the urge of traveling and found my self-identity being something between a Parisian homie/slasher/hustler and overdressed Tel Aviv girl. Being relocated in Tel Aviv for the past six months, I found that jumping back from one to another, from Europe to the heart of the Middle East was the #1 option I could come up with.

I founded Tomboy Chronicle as an online resource dedicated to inspire and empower the creative, unapologetic tomboy woman. Israel is vibrant, thriving country with a very cut aesthetic vision, young, inspiring fashion scene. It has a really strong craftsmanship heritage focusing on well-cut, simple, classics and minimalistic design.

While going to Law school, I launched Tomboy Chronicle first as a way for me to show a wide-eyes vision of Paris, a combination of minimalistic pieces and a passion for a camera owned for a few years. Fashion has always been a vivid passion of mine. Tomboy Chronicle was sort of the destination I wanted to create from scratch, a destination where I could share a passion for editorials photography, traveling and my exploration of the cities I happened to visit. I was always the creative peep growing up and I really found the direction I wanted to take when jumping in the train of the blogging adventure.

Living in Tel Aviv as Parisian, showing a glimpse of a middle-eastern bounded to the west version of fashion is different and interesting from both sides. I also think that’s quietly a reflection of what’s thriving on my blog: a mix of minimalism, well-cut design pieces paired with structured edginess, still boyish on the edges.

While my style has evolved, fundamentally, I’ve always been the same: neutrals, basics and minimalistic designs, and obviously a lot of black.

Liana Cohen – Tomboy Chronicle



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