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Midi Skirts

As we already know, when it comes to fashion everything returns; even the things we didn’t have in mind. After decades of wearing mini and long skirts (the ones that cover the beautiful shoes we chose), the midi skirt is back.

This 40’s classic formed part of Christian Dior’s “New Look”, which redefined the post-war women style. Then, feminist revolution caused the disappearance of it, because they were looking for free expression. The idea of showing lots of skin became a symbol of autonomy and independence. Who would’ve thought that in 2014 these skirts were going to give us something to talk about? They were imposed in street-style and runways. It is a little strange that this happens when women are more self sufficient than ever. Nowadays, we choose if we want to have children or not, or if we prefer to advocate our lives to our professional careers. Perhaps, when we become so self confident, we know exactly what we want to do. We can do it without having to fight against a social prototype, without either following or oppose to a revolution.

Brands need to sell, this is the reason why trends vary from one collection to the next one. It is common to see pointed shoes in every store, and next year discover that every fashion show includes rounded shoes.

Naivily, but responding to a marketing principle, in the 70’s designers thought that the midi skirts would be back. They were so wrong. During a massive social revolution, the consumers had a negative reaction towards the imposed trends; and, that’s what a revolution is about, they wanted to make a radical change. Women wanted to be heard and midi skirts silenced them.
Around 2011, women had already construct their image, feeling confident with any type of clothes. This is the exact year that midi skirts reappeared.

But, why do these skirts drives us crazy? Their versatility is what seduces us. We can combine them with high heels, boots, mules, ballerinas and even, sneakers. Their length vary between below the knee and over the ankle. Also, we have the option of wearing them all year round, because they can be found in multiple fabrics: leather, denim, lace, silk, taffeta, satin, chiffon, and lots of others. Even their shapes are varied. Since we started seeing them in runways and on the streets we identified pleated, pencil, tulip, wrapped, asymmetric, a-line, with feathers, fringes and buttoned midi skirts.

There is such a variety of these skirts that we can choose our favorites and adapt the trend to our wardrobes and tastes. Would you take the risk of travelling to the 40’s with the advantages of being a 21st century woman?








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