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Minimalism At The Beach

MALAGA – Hi everyone! I’m Esther Luque and I’m the founder of Caleidoscopio, my personal fashion blog. I’m twenty three years old and I’m studying Translation & Languages. I’m writing from one wonderful city in the South of Spain, maybe it is not the place to be for a trendy lover as just a few fashion events (not so important) take place during the year, and people with a fashion sense are not in every corner, nevertheless our weather is unbeatable and it is one of our main features to be proud of. The sun shines during the whole year in Malaga, except for two or three weeks in winter that may be cold or rainy (thanks god, seasonal knitwear and coats can be worn!), the rest of the year we enjoy our Mediterranean landscapes in spring and our golden sandy beaches in summer.

I can hardly say that I have a well-defined personal style, as it is inspired by diverse changeable factors: my mood and the weather with a base made of minimalism. Monochrome outfits are my strength; all black clothes, white shirts, loafers, long coats and comfy sneakers fill my basic wardrobe. I have a particular tendency towards mixing opposite styles: sporty and sleek, masculine and sophisticated… I try that every one of my outfits radiate elegance and prove that fashion is not restricted when it comes to basics.




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