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MultiLayered And Eclectic

BELGRADE – Hello, my name is Aleksandra, and I’m a Belgrade based blogger, economist and photographer.

As much as I love to call myself a global citizen, I have to admit that the place where I live has a huge impact on my style. On quite some more things actually, but let’s talk about fashion. Depending on your approach, Belgrade can be either a city that allows you to freely express yourself through how you dress, and limit you and put you in the box. Although it may not seem so at first sight, Belgrade is culturally very rich, as well as brimming with many subcultural groups. Just take a quick stroll downtown, and you’ll notice all different kind of people. From business people in tailored suits to punk rockers. You won’t see many high end pieces on the streets of Belgrade, but you will see a lot of creativity.

Belgrade influenced my personal style by making it a pretty eclectic style. It taught me to break the rules, and follow my own voice. Even when it tells me to put together pieces which you never thought would work in the first place. And in case it doesn’t work.. Well, at least you made some fun combining the outfit. The most important thing for me while putting together an outfit is how it makes me feel, and that it “looks like me”. Fashion is the way of communicating with the world without having to speak, so I always make sure I add my own touch to the way I dress. Usually that means “sneakers with everything” or a boyish/sporty spin on feminine style. I’m not the kinda person choosing one style and sticking with it. I rather mix and match different kinda styles, but I like to believe that my personal note is always recognizable. Just like the city I live in; I have many (fashion) personalities, but you will always be able to tell it is me.

Aleksandra – Velvet and Milk