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My High Heeled Nonsense

ABERDEEN – It’s a rainy day here in Scotland where our legs are itchy from our knee length kilts and the tartan is taking over the country. I’m only joking, we don’t all wear crazy checks and eat haggis like there’s no tomorrow but Scotland’s passion for fashion is slightly lacking in enthusiasm. I am a fashion design student from Fife and studying in the ‘Granite City’ (as it’s most commonly known) of Aberdeen. A city where the buildings are grey and the oil is a plenty. Unfortunately this leaves little room for fabric stores – let alone fashionable individuals.

Being a crazy heel lover raises many a question here about what special event I might be attending that day. Infact I am just on my way to uni to study for the day and just really like this pair of shoes. My style has never been dependent on my surroundings which I think baffles quite a lot of people. What I mean by that is, I can’t be waiting for a sunny day to wear my new strappy sandals. No, I will just dodge the puddles. Snow never means a giant puff ball jacket, it clearly means wear both my denim and my leather jacket and layer them like there’s no tomorrow, which is my frostbite state is entirely possible.

No, there’s really nothing I like more than bloggers wearing whatever they want, wherever they want and getting approval from other fashion lovers around the world. I am never a few clicks away from being taken to London, Amsterdam, Australia or Mexico and seeing the best of fashion styling, which is pretty fantastic, don’t you think?

I started blogging in my first year of university. For my particular course, a year of fine art studies was mandatory. Somewhere at the end of my year of drawing chairs, pine cones, buildings and naked models I took a fashionable stand and decided a blog was my only way to express myself other than wearing ridiculously impractical clothing everyday. And here we are, three years later. About to go into my fourth and final year at uni, still impractical and still loving every minute of my high heeled nonsense.

Hope you can join me at my blog of high street must haves.

Jen Holmes – She Hearts Fashion