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New in Town

HAMBURG – Growing up, the town where I come from always felt too small, too boring, too sleepy. A place where nothing ever changed and one day seemed like the other. I guess it’s no wonder that Hamburg instantly captivated me as I walked its beautiful streets for the first time. Ever since, it has been my destination, the place where I wanted to live. After graduation from secondary school however, it took me four years and six moves to finally make it to my dream city, where I started an internship in fashion journalism a few weeks ago. I am still discovering all sorts of new places and I’d say that this is the best thing about Hamburg: You’ve never really seen it all. New stores seem to pop up daily, festivals and exhibitions take place in a row and there is always a ship to admire in the harbour. It is a city full of life which isn’t as fast as Berlin or as posh as Munich. My favourite places to this point are the small cafés and the flea market in the Schanzen district, but I also like to explore the “Speicherstadt” and the main shopping area around the Mönckebergstraße. Yes, I know, these are no real insider tips, but bear with me, I’m still discovering 😉

All of this is a wonderful inspiration for my blog AT/LEAST which I started about a year ago as
an assignment for university. Ever since, I have been addicted to blogging as I found it a great
way to write about my interests food, photography and travelling – besides fashion of course.
When people ask me why I blog, I used to be unsure what to reply, as fashion bloggers tend
to have a reputation of being cocky and overly self-centred. This is not what I am (and most
bloggers aren’t either). I regard it as a manner to constantly stay creative and to have a place
to share the little projects I work on day by day. I also try to promote a slightly more “aware”
approach to fashion which means that I wear clothes more than once or twice on my blog to
show different ideas to style them. For me, it’s really about selecting pieces that suit you as a
person and not running after every trend.

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