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New York Hustler and Laid-Back Cali Girl

NEW YORK – With one foot in New York City and the other in Carmel, California, both coasts are considered home to me. After moving to the east coast for school, I found my self-identity was somewhere in between New York hustler and laid-back Cali girl. So I started jumping back and forth between the two coasts as much as possible. I found that feeling of being “at home” wasn’t in one city, but in a combination of two. And I think that is reflected in my blog, as my style is a mix of structured edginess with relaxed minimalism.

I was always creatively inclined growing up. I was a dancer, painter, and writer. And fashion was another creative outlet for me. While my taste has certainly evolved over the years, my fundamental style has stayed the same: minimal, neutral, and a lot of black. I still wear a few pieces that I bought when I was thirteen! I was lucky to have an ever-so-stylish mother steering my aesthetic in the right direction. In addition to being one of my style gurus, she also passed down some of her old designer collectibles to me. You see a lot of these pieces on the blog. Things like vintage Celine, 80’s Issey Miyake suits, archival Jean Paul Gaultier, and Givenchy before it was trendy. I love the idea of fashion as being something you preserve and pass down, like a timeless art. But it’s also fun to pair these old pieces with new stuff or non-designer to create a really unique look.

While studying in New York, I had various jobs and internships in the fashion industry. I did everything from editorial to styling to retail to attempting designing. Keyword attempting. But working in the fashion industry in New York City is no walk in the park. It’s competitive, ferocious, and at times exhausting. And while I love that exhilarating NYC energy, I decided I wanted to channel that energy into something I could call my own. And so I started Demeler. Demeler is a platform to share my style, travels, experiences, and inspirations.

Lily Montasser- Demeler


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