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No Bias in Fashion

OHAMA – I was born in a very beautiful town Yankton, South Dakota. A small town by a big beautiful lake, I spent most of my summers boating and in the water. Growing up I always loved fashion and dressing up, however living in a small town we were limited on places to shop. So what my mom would do is every once awhile, plan trips to take my sisters and I shopping in a larger city nearby. I LOVED going on the shopping excursions. My mom always had great taste when dressing us girls and that is where I acquired my love and taste for great fashion. In High School I was voted “Best Dressed” which I look back on now and my style think it was so funny. In college shopping was not the easiest thing to do when you are broke trying to pay your way through school and going out all the time. That’s when my love of finding good deals on fashion came to life. I mean who doesn’t love good prices when shopping. Thretrick was finding the right pieces that look nice and expensive but on a budget. I taught myself to save up and splurge on the nicer pieces and when to save on the trendier items.

Today I live in Omaha in a lovely house with my husband, Michael and our dog, Daisy. I have my family and friends close and this makes me happy. When people think of Nebraska, they don’t think of Fashion but we actually have a pretty large fashion community. We even have our own Fashion Week! Yes, that’s right, it’s called OFW (Omaha Fashion Week), it’s one week long and it feature designers from all over, just like they do in New York.

Fashion blogging in not a huge thing in Nebraska like it is say LA, but it is growing and the great thing about blogging… you can blog from anywhere and reach people all around the world! There is no bias in fashion as to where you come from or who you are and that is what I love most about it! The one thing I would I would have done sooner is start my blog. This is the one way I can express my love of fashion. I knew I always wanted to do something in fashion, I just wasn’t sure what. Once I started blogging I had found my passion.

My hope for my blog is that when people read it they are inspired to do something for themselves, be it- shopping for a new outfit, trying out a new workout or trying a fun DIY. I want to share with people what make me happy and fulfils my life.

Rebecca Hillyard – Cella Jane



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