Dallas to LA

LOS ANGELES – Several months ago I made the move from Dallas…

Scottish Kilt Print

Tartan is the pattern we know from the traditional Scottish kilts. Aren’t you intrigued by the story that Scottish men don’t wear anything underneath? Anyway, most bloggers name the print “vintage plaid” and here we show you some girls wearing the blue-green variant.

Black and White Stripes

Seems like black and white stripes has got everybody’s attention once again. Makes you wonder; what’s the magic behind this simple print? There are probably thousands of reasons to appoint, but eventually it’s just because Coco Chanel has enchanted it.

Personal Style Evolution

OSLO – I currently live in the capital of Norway, Oslo, but…

Better To Be Different

PILSEN – Spending almost my whole life in a small town near…

Same Black Skirt

Many girls are showing up with the same black skirt from Zara. It’s not really annoying and it’s not unexpected too, because the skirt is simply astonishing. The question still remains though; are the bloggers inspired by each other?

Peruvian girl in Europe

HAMBURG – I currently live in the harbor city of Germany, Hamburg,…

Leopard Suit

Models are being camouflaged from head-to-toe with leopard print in Stella McCartney’s spring ’12 collection. Some bloggers managed to find nice alternatives to Stella’s leopard suit. Must say it looks pretty comfortable for a no-inspiration day.

Translucent Clutches

The whats-in-my-bag posts of bloggers are always quite popular. For one or another reason, people find it interesting to sniff in someone else’s stuff. These bloggers are making it simple for you with translucent clutches.

Burgundy-Colored Lipstick

Burgandy has been the color of the past few months. The dark red (and almost purple) color has been popular in all kinds of clothes and accessories, and in make-up too. Sorry gothics, you aren’t the only one anymore wearing the color on the lips.