Me, Myself & Paris

PARIS – Of course, I could have chosen to stay here in…

Teddy Bear Coat

According to the latest trends, nowadays teddy bears are being skinned to create soft fur coats for fashionable women (is that even legal? New thing to focus on, animal activists!). It must feel like wearing a supportive mascot!

The Fedora Hat

Fashion bloggers showing up with fedora hats is like a physical oscillation that travels through spacetime. At one period, they all seem to cover their heads and at the other moment they rather leave their hats in their wardrobes. These photos shown here are all very recently published.

Lavish Lavish

AALBORG – We are two girls, founded one blog together named ‘Lavish…

Cartoon Printed Sweater

If you followed the fashion blogs over the past few months, you’ve definitely seen cartoon printed “KA-POW” sweaters. This trend might have been eye-opening for you last summer, right now they most likely bore you. So, shall we consider them as history?

Pleated Leather Skirt

Leather has been worn in every century; by the Neaderthals from the stone age up the fashionistas nowadays. This authentic material shows itself off in the shape of a pleated skirt this season. How nice is the combination with a big and tough sweater?

Beanies Here and There

At the moment it’s all about the beanies; not quite surprising as in most of Europe and North-America the winter is kicking in. Beside the need to keep heads warm these days, the beanies add a little extra to the fashion bloggers’ outfits.

Statement Necklaces

Necklaces can’t be more crazy than those hanging in the shops right now. It looks like there is no need to be shy wearing them. Anyway, you will win a million dollars when you find a fashion blogger who hasn’t showed up with such statement necklace.

Reflector Sunglasses

Although we don’t receive any signs from the sun in Europe anymore, we like to pretend we do for a moment. Take a look with us at these cheery photos, containing great outfits with reflector sunglasses. Aren’t these sunnies innovative after a few years of black ray-bans?

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket was originally created for pilots, but is nowadays part of many different styles. The jacket has been popular in the skinhead-culture, in the hip-hop scene.. and today it seems in world of the bloggers. Join us for a look of these incredibly awesome jackets. Could any print be fashionably possible?